Screening Candidates With Framework Based Assessments Is Better Than Just Academic Problems

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Updated on May 10, 2023

Given the growing number of coders, programmers and engineers these days, choosing & screening the best candidates to hire can be a challenging task. Of course, you can find the best hires by sifting through your candidates’ resumes and checking their education and experience, as well as verifying their credentials, but how can you be sure that you’ve chosen the right hires for the job?

You need to know exactly what on-the-job skills each candidate has, which is pretty difficult to assess if you focus only on academic questions and exercises when screening your candidates. Some of them may have brilliant coding skills but they cannot exactly showcase them in academic tests.

At the same time, what if someone does a fantastic job with academic questions and you hire them, only to find out later that they’re not the coders you were looking for? Making a bad hire would negatively affect your business, so you should seriously consider taking a different approach to screening your candidates.

Using framework-based assessments instead of focusing on academic ones is the smartest action you can take, so read on to learn why.

Why Use Frameworks to Screen Candidates?

If you use front-end web application frameworks, such as Java, React.js, AngularJS and many others, on your screening tests, you will be able to test your candidates’ technical skills and expertise.

You will get a clear insight into their experience and see exactly what they are able to do and how well they can perform each task that the job requires. This is something that questions and exercises that tackle academic problems can never help you assess accurately.

Some of your job candidates may have poor interviewing skills but incredible coding skills, which is another reason for screening them with the help of framework-based assessments. Moreover, some potential hires may have no previous work experience but may turn out to be the most talented developers.

Furthermore, every job is unique and requires a unique set of skills and traits, which is yet another reason for abandoning one-size-fits-all interviews and assessments and turning to frameworks to make the best possible hiring decisions backed by accurate and insightful data.

In order to choose the right hires, you need to give your candidates a chance to really showcase their skills. You need to provide them with tests that include real-world tasks that they would deal with on the job, in the average coding environment.

Not only will frameworks enable you to hire the best of the best, but they will also save you a lot of time and money in the process, especially if you use an automated code assessment platform, such as GLIDER.

Make Data-Backed Hiring Decisions with GLIDER

GLIDER is a talent screening and interview platform powered by AI and designed to help businesses recruit top talent in technical, sales, support, operations, and other departments.

The main purpose of GLIDER is to help businesses hire the best candidates faster, as it provides standardized video interviews and screening tools for gathering accurate data regarding the candidates’ competency, aptitude, communication, and organization and recommends the best job matches.

Make the recruitment process more efficient and effective with our platform by taking advantage of auto-scored screening tasks, real-world engineering simulations, video interviews, AI-powered stack ranking and AI-personalized email outreach templates.

GLIDER enables the users to work in over 20 real-world engineering environments and it automatically scores each technical task, helping you make informed decisions faster. Your candidates can work with live video or a shared workspace, and you can either watch live videos of them performing the given tasks or watch recorded videos later.

Speaking of videos, GLIDER can help you conduct video interviews. This is especially beneficial when hiring sales candidates, as you can easily determine whether or not someone has what it takes to make your target customers interested in your offerings and close the sale.

You can also create interactive tests to check the candidates’ personality traits and evaluate whether or not they can fit your company culture. GLIDER offers pre-built tests, but you can also create your own.

Since GLIDER is driven by AI, it will provide you with intelligent stack ranking, so that you can see exactly which candidates would best fit the job position that you are screening them for. You can easily streamline all the necessary work for choosing the best hires, because GLIDER seamlessly integrates with many ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems).

Hire Pros like a Pro

If you have been looking for ways to make the most out of your interviews, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Using a talent screening and interview platform, such as GLIDER, will help you hire experts who seriously know how to do their job.

Start using GLIDER today to screen your candidates with framework-based assessments and you’ll never have to deal with bad hires again. Instead, you will gather the top talent pool that will help you consistently grow your business and reach new heights.

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