Keys To Recruiting Success

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Updated on May 10, 2023

If you are struggling with acquiring talent, that’s probably because you’re still using the traditional approach. Modern recruiting requires an up-to-date approach.

HR and recruiters struggle because they can’t solve a unique problem – how to drive the top quality job, applicants, and candidates.

With that in mind, these recruiter tips and tricks will help reach and attract the ideal job applicants.

Whether it’s IT recruitment or tech recruitment or anything else, these tips will show you how to attract more ideal job candidates, acquire the top class talent and get them all to apply. We’ll toss in the talent acquisition trends of 2019 to make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the recruiting industry.

Attracting talent can be a lot easier if you use social and search tools. These tools increase your effectiveness and accuracy by providing the ideal candidates for the right job. The way you approach placing, and sourcing job candidates is one of the main factors of your success.

It’s vital to set specific but realistic goals for your business, and to do that, researching staffing trends and news is an essential step in creating an effective recruiting strategy.

Here’s how to achieve absolute recruiting success.

1. Hiring volumes are still rising

According to recent research, 61% of employers will be hiring more candidates this year than last year. More companies are looking to expand their business, which is the reason why hiring volumes are still rising.

Whether you’re a business looking for new candidates or you’re a staffing company, this research shows you that this year will be quite an exciting one. Start planning your recruiting strategy right away to deal with the emerging trends.

Top class talent is the first to go, and it’s essential to get to these candidates first.

2. AI recruiting software implementation


It’s hard to cope with the trends and ever-increasing hiring volumes in 2019. You need a tool to cope with all the changes, and AI recruiting tools are the perfect means to an end. These tools allow you to enter information quickly and easily while saving time and money.

Use this tool to contact potential candidates automatically, screen resumes, and allow your team to shift focus to the core mission – staying on course with the numbers and statuses of prospective job applicants and candidates. Investing in an AI recruiting tool should be considered a long-term investment.

3. Candidate experience makes the difference

Modern recruiters mostly focus on candidate skills and knowledge, but the trick is to focus on candidate experience. It’s one of the biggest talent acquisition trends in 2019. The candidate experience speaks volumes for itself.

The majority of employers find it harder to fill entry-level positions than the executive level. So, you need to hire staffing or recruiting agencies to do this job for them.

While this is a good strategy, the problem is that these agencies find candidates that are either millennials or recent graduates – they lack the necessary experience to be ideal candidates.

It’s crucial to keep all potential candidates up to date with their application statuses in recruiting to make sure each candidate understands every step of the recruiting journey. This makes them available to answer any question, request, or demand on time.

One of the best qualities of recruiters is providing an excellent recruiting experience to every candidate. It’s also how you attract the top talent.

4. Social media platforms greatly help


In the past several years, the recruiting industry has made a migration – the industry is now mostly looking for talent on social media platforms. That’s because some platforms gather almost a billion users daily.

Now, chances are that you’re already looking for the best candidates online, but are you using the entire potential social media has to offer?

Different social media platforms match different industries, and you must use the right platform for the industry you’re trying to recruit candidates for. The first social media platforms that come to mind are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but Pinterest can be an excellent choice too.

Millennials use Pinterest as much as any other platform when it comes to their interests.

To use social media platforms properly, you need to know the type of industry that’s hiring, the type of candidate you’re looking for, and the social media platform your ideal candidates prefer and use daily.

5. Content is the key to attracting top talent

Using the right platform is just one side of the coin. You need top class, attention-grabbing, and meaningful content to attract only the top talent. We live in a visual world where video content is king, and using it to attract the right candidates for the job is one of the biggest recruiting trends.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend tremendous amounts of time creating infographics and blogs, but you are required to post consistently. Your posts shouldn’t include only job postings, though. Offer other interesting facts, news, trends, and information from the industry you’re recruiting for.

You need to take a candidate-centric approach and provide each potential prospect with the ultimate experience every step of the journey to ensure attracting top-quality candidates.


If you want to attract top talent, you need to get in front of more candidates, and the best way to do this today is by using social media and search engines. The internet and modern technology offer many opportunities and possibilities. Keep up with the trends and changes, and you can use the power of modern technology to your advantage. It gives you data you can use to make your candidates feel heard. This personalized approach will allow you to attract the best of the best. Increase your likability by using the best content to grab more attention and attract top talent.


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