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Senior Software Developer Job Description

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Updated on December 2, 2022


The senior software developer role belongs to a professional expert who thinks like a visionary and stands in the client’s shoes for product delivery. 

As a tech lead of the Software Development team, a Senior Software Developer can see patterns, owing to their experience. At the same time, they also advise the team on code quality and derive value from the suggestions, and report the same to the CTO. 

Software Developer Job Description

A Senior Software Developer or simply Senior Developer is someone who has mastered programming and seamlessly designs, codes, and tests a system. Owing to their vast experience, senior software developers bring the best blend of technology and management to leverage asynchronous programming, queuing, caching, logging, security, and persistence when needed. 

In most cases, these experts are adept in risk management and communicate with system architecture or component design teams to understand and use design patterns.  

3 trends that influence Senior Software Developers in various organizations: 

  • Demand for more technical talent 
  • Increase in Agile development practices 
  • Popularity of Cloud computing 

Chief Research Officer at CompTIA, Tim Herbett says that the spike in software developers jobs is an indication that there is a growing demand for them and this has led to the ‘war for talent.’ 

Why are Senior Software Developers in High Demand? 

The latest report on the “State of Software Engineers” explores how the demand for Software Developers has doubled since 2021. For example, more organizations are hiring Full Stack Developers to maximize the engineering team’s efficiency and also to reduce team fluctuations.  

Along the same lines, Owen Hughes, Senior Editor at ZDnet says that tech companies added 22,800 jobs just in the first quarter of 2022. Among this, the total number of advertisements for software developers and engineers rose to 204,084.  

 The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the growth of the Software Development job market at 22% between 2020 and 2030.  

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Average pay for a Senior Software Developer 

As per Glassdoor estimates, the national average for a Senior Software Developer salary in the USA is $1,15,944 per year with an added compensation between $2,399 – $43,506. 

Senior Software Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Designing, coding and testing software applications and systems. A Senior Software Developer will also be responsible for debugging these systems and writing and maintaining scalable code.
  • Must be able to provide technical guidance and coach the team and mentor junior developers. Regular code reviews should be conducted and best practices promoted within the team.
  • Should be able to effortlessly collaborate with other stakeholders including product manager and designers to understand requirements and prepare technical specification documents.
  • Takes ownership of projects and is adept at time and task management.
  • Review projects regularly and optimise performance to minimise bottlenecks and improve efficiency and scalability.

Senior Software Developer KPIs 

  • Velocity wrt team goals 
  • Sprint Burndown 
  • Release Burndown 
  • Cycle Time 
  • Cumulative Flow 
  • Flow efficiency  
  • Code coverage wrt quality 
  • Code stability 
  • Code simplicity 
  • Code churn 

How can Glider AI help you with Hiring a Senior Software Developer?

Glider’s recruitment platform is built on the mission, of “competency over credentials”. This way, you can make the most of the hiring assessments through a structured and data-driven candidate-evaluation process. 

Glider AI’s Unique Features

  • Conversational Chatbot for Talent Screening
  • Interactive, coding-enabled skill tests
  • Powerful candidate analytics 

Discover Hiring Resources for Senior Software Developers

  • Senior Software Developer Job Description
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  • How to Hire a Senior Software Developer

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