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Explained: AI Resume Screening & Its Benefits

Arul Mathur

Updated on January 25, 2024

Manual resume screening is a tedious process. Given that the average time a recruiter spends reviewing a CV is only between 60-70 seconds, there’s always a risk that recruiters may end up rejecting good applicants.

However, considering the number of CVs recruiters receive for a job posting, it’s understandable that they can’t spend hours on each application they receive. So, what’s the solution? How can you ensure you don’t spend hours on screening CVs while also making sure not to miss potential applicants? The answer is AI resume screening tools. 

What is an AI Resume Screening Tool?

An AI resume screening tool, also known as an AI resume checker, is a smart technology that helps hiring managers with the initial step of recruitment- application review.

Instead of manually sifting through stacks of resumes, this high-tech tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to swiftly analyze many resumes at once. It checks for specific words, skills, and qualifications that match the job requirements.

This makes the hiring process faster, ensures fairness, and helps recruiters find the best candidates in just a few minutes.

Key Benefits of AI Resume Screening

From candidate authentication to speeding up the hiring process, AI resume checkers help HR and organizations in many ways.

A. Fast-Track Recruitment

Imagine if a company decides to expand its footprint to a neighboring country or plans to start a new vertical within a month and is flooded with hundreds of CVs for multiple positions. Despite the time crunch, the decision to hire can’t be hasty.

At such a critical stage, AI resume screening tools can be a lifesaver. Unlike us, AI resume checkers can quickly go through multiple applications without errors or getting tired like we do. The faster candidates are screened, the quicker positions are filled, saving time and money.

More importantly, this efficiency not only helps the organization quickly fill positions but also ensures a positive experience for applicants. They are promptly notified about results, allowing them to explore other opportunities sooner.

B. Smart Resume Verification

Many job-seekers try tricky things to get hired, like making up stuff on their resumes about their skills and experience. Checking and confirming each detail for every job applicant is a difficult task that takes a long time.

AI tools can spot any differences between what’s on the resume and what’s out there, it alerts the recruiters right away. By doing this, AI resume screening tools cut down the number of applicants who might not be as qualified as they say. 

This allows recruiters to invest their time wisely by focusing on candidates who truly match the requirements, avoiding any unnecessary time spent on those who may not be the right fit.

C. Fair And Impartial Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring people, it is important to be fair and not let personal feelings get in the way. However, sometimes, we unconsciously judge candidates based on things like gender or educational background.

We get it – being completely fair is tough for humans because of how we’re wired or brought up. Technology, like AI resume screening tools, however, can help tackle the problem.

These tools make sure there’s no bias and that everyone gets a fair shot. They look only at what skills and qualifications candidates have, ignoring information that is irrelevant. This way, everyone is on equal footing, making hiring diverse and fair. Organizations looking to eliminate bias and ensure that hiring is fair and equitable can take advantage of Glider AI’s skill intelligence platform which focuses on candidates’ skills over credentials.

D. Cost Savings

AI resume checker contributes to cost savings in three major ways:

A. Reduced time to fill

B. Efficient Resource Utilization

C. Precise Candidate Matching

AI resume screening tools speed up the hiring process by checking multiple CVs at once. This saves recruiters’ time and effort.

With AI recruitment tools, Organizations can ensure efficient use of resources. These tools help recruiters focus on the most promising candidates, thereby optimizing resource use and making the recruitment process cost-effective.

When companies hire the right candidates for the right roles, not only does their business grow significantly, but they also save themselves from the need to repeat the hiring process.

The result? A more efficient and cost-effective recruitment process!!


Unequivocally, AI resume screening tools can be an asset for recruiters when used correctly. These tools offer more than one benefit to organizations of all sorts, assisting them in speeding up the hiring process, saving overhead costs, and getting the best candidates.


How does AI contribute to the hiring process?

AI in the hiring process, through tools like resume shortlist software, makes hiring super easy. Additionally, it speeds up the process, improves efficiency, and makes the overall talent acquisition process more effective.

What does an AI resume checker do?

As the name suggests, an AI resume checker uses artificial intelligence to assess resumes to ensure fair and square candidate evaluation. Unlike humans, this tool focuses only on candidates’ qualifications and skills, keeping biases aside.

What advantages does AI bring to the hiring process?

AI in the hiring process brings multiple benefits to the table through precise resume screening. For example, AI resume screening tools like Glider AI speed up hiring, save overhead costs and ensure only the right candidates are selected.


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