Benefits of using video interviews for contingent staffing process

How to make the most out of your interviews [Infographic]

Even a century after the invention of Edison Test, interviewers still have to turn in a baffling amount of research to prepare questions for job candidates. From Intelligence Quotients to General Aptitude tests, many tests have made a promise to predict future employee performance. 

Here are some neat ways to make the most out of your Interviews: 

  1. Structure Your Interviews: Structured interviews are one of the most powerful selection tools in use today. Structured interviews are organized around competencies required for a job. Competencies are behaviors that serve as metrics for successful performance in that particular role. Construct interview questions to obtain responses that add up to the performance objectives. 
  1. Include Behavior-based Interviewing: Behavior-based interviewing is said to predict future performance based on past performance in similar situations. The behavioral interviewing style isn’t new but it seems to be more popular than ever. In a behavioral interview, the interviewer attempts to elicit descriptions of specific behaviors that were taken in past situations that closely parallel the challenges that will be faced in the job. 
  1. The Blended Approach: The Blended Interview is the next stage in the evolution of the modern employment interview. The blended approach includes question types that are useful for collecting different kinds of information about a candidate, like biographical facts, credentials and achievements, technical knowledge, experience, self-evaluative information, etc. 
  1. Online Assessments to Pre-screen Candidates: In order to make most of your interview time, pre-screen candidates using online automated assessments. Winnow the candidate pool to get an improved quality candidate funnel for your job posts. Hiring solutions like GLIDER offer psychometric and aptitude assessments along with technical skill assessments. Pre-determine the holistic fitment of a candidate before you spend time with them in a face-to-face. Invest your time in crème-de-la crème candidates who truly deserve your job
Steps for hiring manager to make the most of the interview

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