Benefits Of Having Online Assessments In Contingent Staffing Process

Contingent workforce is a fundamental piece of the universe of work, influencing firms to gather information, make esteem, and build up the upper hand. Online assessments have just made hiring the contingent workforce a lot easier. In fact, for many tech hiring companies, online assessments are the need of the hour.

“Nearly 4 out of 5 employers, in establishments of all sizes and industries,

use some form of a contingent workforce.”

• US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Organizations, for example, Macy’s, JCPenney, and numerous different employers have used contingent specialists during the occasional hiring for quite a long time, and it has taken care of big opportunities for their main concerns. 

It’s no big surprise, at the point, that contingent staffing is a famous system utilized by businesses in different ventures. Notwithstanding its value, contingent staffing can introduce some huge difficulties for organizations.

Difficulties of Contingent Staffing

Battle to discover qualified candidates

As indicated by a survey directed by Aon Hewitt, a majority of the respondents said that their toughest task is building an enormous enough candidate pool to help fill open positions. While some have talent pools adequately profound so they have numerous candidates to browse, many are battling just to meet fundamental essentials for staff headcount.

Abbreviated hiring cycles

Your new staff should be recognized, talked with, prepared, and all set when your pinnacle season starts—which means you’re feeling the squeeze to settle on recruiting choices in an extremely brief timeframe. For example, there must be a dedicated FAQs on Online Assessments.

No back-up for dynamic thinking

In numerous organizations, you might be entrusted with recruiting part-time employees completely all alone. This can be particularly troublesome if you have different obligations on your plate. As a result, you’re compelled to make snappy, shrewd business choices without the advantage of a subsequent assessment.

Not Enough Attention to Detail

For some businesses, the impulse to compromise while employing occasionally is much higher. All things considered—the laborers aren’t lasting, and in this way, they shouldn’t be verified as altogether as full-time workers.

Potential for misrepresentation

A truncated recruiting cycle implies you’re presumably gathering a lot of candidate data, similar to email ids and dates of birth, in a short timeframe. This might make a circumstance in which standard security cycles and techniques aren’t followed as intently as typical, subsequently causing incredible security breaches.

"The challenge of identifying, processing and training of new temporary hires

for specific job functions is very time-consuming, expensive and taxing"

• Jerry Wimer, senior director of operations for Staff Management

Overcoming these hurdles is a big headache for recruiters. But we are here. Let’s take a look at how you can minimize these challenges and get the best possible outcomes.

Innovation To The Rescue

With remote hiring tools, approach of AI and ML, a ton of recruiting cycles can now be automated to lessen manual exertion. These tools likewise generously abbreviate the time taken to schedule and do recruiting adjusts, assess candidates and offer input to take an official decision.

Assessing candidates is one of the biggest challenges that recruiters face in contingent staffing. Unbiased and approved evaluations demonstrate whether a specific candidate has the aptitude and capacity to play out a particular job or not. The correct assessments can prompt higher profitability and results, This is the reason online assessments for jobs are productive and fundamental.

Benefits of Having Online Assessments in Contingent Staffing

There are numerous benefits of having online assessments during the contingent staffing process. One such is online assessments have created more opportunities for freelancers. Here is a detailed description of all the benefits of online assessments.

Discover quality Candidates- Employers can improve the probability of recruiting excellent candidates by utilizing the online assessments to help screen and select the best fit for the job.

Online assessments can take out up to half of inadequate candidates effectively and on the spot, diminishing the chance of a bad hire.

Improve recruiting choices- Pre-employment testing can help you in accomplishing the best employment fit between the candidate and the job you are employing for. Selecting the correct candidate for the correct position prompts better productivity, better efficiency, and decreased employee turnover.

Provide less tedious hiring cycles- You can decrease up to 90 percent of time spent on the unqualified candidates in the hiring process that straightforwardly increment the expenses. The online assessments minimize the hassles associated with screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and coordinating tests.

Lessening the time spent on undesirable tasks will lead you to zero-in on other significant assignments, thus, expanding your efficiency.

Minimize hiring costs- The cost of hiring a single candidate is rarely calculated. Online assessments improve business by lowering hiring and training costs and improving productivity.

Get access to a larger talent pool- An online assessment platform can be coordinated with an organization’s ATS, permitting candidates to present their data and show up for assessments. This is done consequently by the framework with no manual intervention.

This makes a huge pool of talented candidates who can be called at any point a job-opening coordinating to their abilities emerges. This causes a hiring manager to search out the best individual effectively.

Wipeout bias- Using online assessments, recruiters and hiring managers can put together their choices for hard realities – a candidate’s test outcomes – rather than relying upon a resume that may bring inclinations.

Why are online assessments more important than college degrees? Because they assist organizations with maintaining a strategic distance from discriminating candidates based on sex, age, or race since employers will put together their choices based on the candidates’ skills.

Give better candidate experience- Online assessments are not only useful from the business’ viewpoint but candidates benefit too. Here is how candidates profit from online assessments:

Adaptability- Candidates can attend an online assessment from any place that gives access to the internet.

Opportunity- Online evaluations offer a reasonable chance to all candidates to substantiate themselves past their resumes with a standard test. Jobseekers get the advantage of fast screening, causing them to sort out the perfect job.

Less tedious- Online assessments happen in a jiffy. Candidates are saved from going through the long and traditional assessment cycles.

How can Glider’s Online Assessment Tool help in Contingent Staffing?

Glider is a platform that provides online assessments regarding every area. It provides interactive and holistic skill assessments that scale a candidate’s skill level, personal traits, learning agility, culture fitment, etc. It dispenses pre-built tests that simulate real-world problems. Recruiters can also create their tests with 30+ question types including video assessments. The platform provides online proctoring, plagiarism scores, and key-by-key replay of every answer that nullify any probability of compromise.

Glider enables you to evaluate the candidates in all kinds of technical environments- from 40+ programming languages to database manipulations to full-stack simulations. It also provides embedded video chats that enable the interviewers to communicate with the candidates while processing the simulation.

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