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AI Recruiting Software Glider AI

AI ScreenING

A better candidate experience

Accelerate screening, personalize candidate engagement, and automate interview next steps for a better candidate experience.

Engaging: AI chat prequalifies candidates over WhatsApp, SMS, and more human-like conversation.

Smart: Using a candidate's resume and job description, our AI smartly formulates questions and evaluates responses.

Efficient: AI automates and recommends the next steps based on skill, fit, and interest to accelerate screening.

Integrated: AI translates all candidate screening into a report with skill intelligence data that is pushed into your ATS.

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Glider AI Still Intelligence Platform AI Recruiting Software Screening
Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform Recruiting Software Skill Evaluation


Meet more job-ready candidates

AI has changed work, how developers code, and how non-techies get answers. Glider brings AI into assessments to validate real-world skill.

Robust: Assess technical or functional skills with AI-Proctoring that gives confidence in candidate ability and integrity.

Multifaceted: Attention to detail, spelling, grammar, and tone are also evaluated giving you a full view of talent quality. 

Collaborative: Glider uses AI, like ChatGPT, to help candidates during assessments so you can evaluate real-world coding skills, aptitude, and critical thinking.

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AI Interviews

Conduct productive interviews

Glider eliminates systemic interview issues. Only qualified candidates make it to interview rounds, and only top candidates get hired.

Intelligent: Using a candidate's resume and job description, Glider creates relevant, contextual questions.

Insightful: AI captures key phrases in candidate responses that align with job requirements to confirm skill proficiency. 

Helpful: Glider records, transcribers, and summarizes interview highlights to help expedite the interview process.

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Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform AI Recruiting Productive Interviews
Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform AI Recruiting Software AI Proctoring

AI Proctoring

Ensure candidate integrity

AI proctoring with Glider AI ensures talent quality, guaranteeing skill, fit, and integrity. Fake candidates need not apply!

AI Ready: Detect if a candidate uses generative AI to formulate an answer and all online inconsistencies.

Human Ready: Capture when, where, and how external help is used. Glider AI detects all visual and audio discrepancies. 

Imposter Ready: Glider verifies candidate identity throughout the entire recruiting-to-hire process. No more fake candidates!

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Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.


Let (Glider) AI improve recruiting

Full funnel AI Recruiting




Speed and scale

Automate repetitive tasks 

Interview transcriptions 

Autonomous question creation 

Talent Quality

AI Proctoring

Candidate skill report

Diversity hiring

Frequently asked questions

Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ addresses all stages of the recruiting funnel, our AI undergoes constant evaluation to ensure recruiting fairness, transparency, and adherence with legislation.

What is AI recruitment?

AI recruiting uses artificial intelligence tech, like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and data analytics, to automate and improve recruiting processes. AI uses algorithms to streamline candidate sourcing, screening, skill assessments, proctoring, and more.

Does AI replace human recruiters?

AI is not meant to replace human recruiters but instead augment their capabilities. AI can handle repetitive and mundane tasks, helping recruiters focus on strategic and relationship-building aspects of recruiting. Glider AI firmly believes human judgment and decision-making are still essential for evaluating cultural fit, conducting interviews, and making final hiring decisions.

How does AI help recruiters?

AI can help by automating time-consuming tasks, improving the efficiency of candidate screening, identifying top talent, reducing bias in the selection process, enhancing candidate experience, and providing data-driven insights for better hiring decision-making.

Can AI eliminate recruiting bias?

AI can mitigate bias in recruiting. AI can objectively assess candidate qualifications and skills, reducing the impact of human bias. AI also looks at a larger dataset vs. individual human experience, often leading to bias. Glider AI ensures that our AI recruiting software includes human oversight, undergoes constant stress testing, and addresses all legal requirements to proactively mitigate potential bias.

Can AI recruiting support DEI?

AI can support diversity and inclusion efforts in recruiting. By reducing bias in screening and selection processes, AI can help increase diversity in candidate pools. It can also analyze data and provide insights into the effectiveness of diversity initiatives, helping to make data-driven decisions for improving diversity representation.

What are some applications of AI recruitment?

Glider AI addresses different stages of the recruiting process, including resume screening, candidate sourcing, chatbot-based screening, video interviews, skills assessments, predictive analytics for candidate selection, and onboarding support.

Is AI recruiting suitable for all types of organizations?

AI recruitment benefits organizations of all sizes, stages, and industries. The level of implementation and the specific AI tools used depends on resources, recruitment volume, and complexity of roles.

What are the risks associated with AI recruiting?

Are there any risks or challenges associated with AI recruiting? Challenges include potential bias in AI algorithms, privacy concerns with handling candidate data, lack of transparency in AI decision-making, and the potential for a negative candidate experience. Glider AI recruiting software mitigates these issues through careful design, regular monitoring, and ethical considerations.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.



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