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Assessment Features & Benefits

Get confident in all your hiring decisions.

Simulate Real-World Tasks

Glider simulates your tech environment and code, giving you an idea of real-world coding abilities.
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Evaluate tech and non-tech skills

200+ technologies + hundreds of non-tech roles so you can find the right person for any job, tech or non-tech across any industry.
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Accelerate hiring with automation

Auto-grading, shortlisting, reporting and more provides you in depth analysis of who you should hire. And, AI-proctoring offers 100% confidence in why you should hire.
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Technical Skill Tests

Assess coding skills with real-world challenges and actual tasks. Debug a codebase, even build an app in a fully managed, interactive environment.
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Role Based Skill Tests

Evaluate qualitative job skills like communication style, gauge subject matter expertise, and on the job tasks. 
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Cognitive Aptitude 

Understand a candidates potential by looking at skills from problem solving,  attention to detail, learning ability, etc.
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Behavioral Assessments

Confirm how the candidate reacts to different situations from leadership styles, stress management, conflict management, and more. 
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Personality Assessments

Answer whether the candidate is a fit for the job by understanding personality type,  work styles, and general preferences. 
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Industry Skill Tests

Evaluate subject matter expertise for specific industries like healthcare, logistics, and science. 
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Make fair, data-driven, and 
science-based hiring decisions.

Statistical evaluation

Psychologists and data scientists analyze Glider assessments to evaluate difficulty levels, discrimination value, and potential distractors.

Scientific scoring

Certified test raters validate question difficulty and appropriate scoring across all screening tests and assessments.
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Fairness evaluation 

Multiple parties from varying backgrounds create the assessment, ensuring questions are fair and focus on the candidate ability. 

Test validity 

Assessments questions undergo a process to measure how well each question reflects the job requirements and competencies.
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Learn how to improve hiring with Glider AI Assessment Software.

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Multifaceted assessments 
for multidimensional talent

Skill Tests

200+ programming languages, real-world tasks and scenarios, learn how Glider AI Technical Skill Tests can help you hire the right tech talent, every time.
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Role Based 
Skill Tests

Evaluate job readiness and competency based on functional roles like sales, marketing, customer service, call center, logistics and hundreds more non-technical roles.
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Cognitive Aptitude Assessments

Understand a candidate's potential, assess dimensions like problem solving, concentration and focus, attention to detail, attention to detail and hundreds more.
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Confirm a candidates fitness for a role by evaluation behaviors from management style, how they manage stress, and work habits.
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Personality Assessments

Get answers if a candidate's personality suited for the role and assess attributes that ensure person-job fit and person-organization fit. 
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Skill Tests

Assess a candidate's subject matter expertise for industry specific knowledge.
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