Skill Intelligence for STAFFING FIRMs

3x your placement rates and earn more job reqs.

Turn transactional client relationships into strategic partnerships with the Glider AI suite of recruiting products.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Staffing Firm Solutions


Qualify and close top candidates faster!

From initial screen to final hire, Glider AI fast tracks recruiting process at each stage of the hiring journey.


Reach candidates at scale over SMS/text or WhatsApp and prequalify skill, fit, and interest for all your job roles using conversational AI.
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Phone Screen

AI guides the recruiter with questions and answers to qualify technical skill or deep subject matter expertises with requiring an expert.
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Technical Skill Tests

Confirm technical chops across 250+ tech languages with AI-proctoring giving you 100% confidence in candidate skill and integrity.
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Job-Based Skill Tests

Assess job-readiness across hundreds of different skills with real-world tasks from sales technique to Amazon warehousing skills.
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Live Coding Interviews

Collaborate with candidates 1:1 or in a group to evaluate real-world coding abilities and understand working style.
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One-Way Interviews

Meet at a time that's most convenient for everyone, share a pre-recorded interview and collect candidate responses.
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Recruit smarter with Glider

Make talent quality your leading analytic with the #1 skills-based hiring solution.

Hiring teams are talking about Glider AI and it's good!

SKILL-BASED Hiring FEATURES For Staffing FIrms

Skills speak louder than words!


Glider removes tedious tasks like screening, scheduling, and feedback collection so recruiters can focus on engaging top candidates.

AI Proctoring

Remove any doubt about a candidate's integrity or motivation for a job with the most robust AI-proctoring solution.


Glider gives you a complete picture of your talent pool with skill insights so you know who's the best fit for every job req.


Connect Glider with your ATS or VMS to get a complete picture of your candidates so you can improve your placements rates.


Glider gives you a complete picture of your talent pool with skill insights so you know who's the best fit for every job req.


Glider data can help you optimize screening and interviewing to improve candidate satisfaction and recruiter performance.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.