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Live Coding Interviews.

Glider Live Coding Interviews is everything you need to interview and qualify the best person for the job, whether remote or in-person.

Our features.

Build the interview experience you need.

Screen Bot is like having a team of recruiters at your fingertips
Includes all major programming languages.
Mask candidate name to support diversity.
Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously with candidate.
Launch real world projects for full stack developers and data scientists.
Choose premade tasks from our library or create your own.
Allows for high-level customization letting you and your candidate focus on the task at hand.
See outcome of code
Discuss system design, architecture, schema, and open-ended problems using whiteboard with pre-built templates and Freehand diagrams.
Collaborative coding area.
Interview panel members and candidate can engage through video or hide to support diversity.

Interview Talent
based on real-world


Create role-specific remote
skills assessments for candidate
screening before moving them
to the interview stage.


Hold technical interviews online
or onsite through our shared
editor using a range of templates
and whiteboarding tools.


Increase your impact at
events with online coding
challenges. We'll handle the
tech; you run the campaign.

what matters.

You assess the quality of their work and the ability to do the job in an environment that replicates the real world, not the theoretical. Assess what it's like to work with the candidate, how they communicate, and how they collaborate.
  • Evaluate fundamental programming skills with algorithmic questions.
  • Ask realistic project-style questions with multiple files and unit tests.
  • Preview markup, styles, and scripts in real-time for front-end questions.

Enable skill,
not nerves.

Technical talent demonstrates their design, development, and communication skills in a virtual and collaborative workspace with tools that provide an awesome and familiar candidate experience
Syntax Highlighting
Inline Documentation on Hover
Configurable Settings and Themes
Hotkeys, and much more!

Engage with
candidates, while
removing bias.

DE&I is a cornerstone of Glider Live Coding Interviews. This is why we have included the ability to mask a candidates name and video, ensuring the only thing that is evaluated is their competency.

Ensure pragmatic
hiring decisions.

Making decisions between candidates isn't always easy, especially when comparing pre vetted talent who meet Glider quality benchmarks. Glider auto-records your interviews for future reference coupled with candidate reports that provide the data to evaluate the best fit for the job.
  • Gather deeper insights from coding replays as well as errors and stack traces.
  • Share and review interview results with the entire hiring team.
  • Access candidate reports for a detailed overview of each candidate.
More Enterprises & Staffing firms trust Glider to hire right every time.
  • We were not only able to hire more people in less time byt also able to get the best quality of people with Glider's pre-evaluation methodology.

    - Harmeet Chhabra

    Director of Talent Acquisition
  • In addition to having a great customer experience in Glider, this tool has substantially improved our technical screening process.

    - Julie Harris

    Senior Delivery Director, Kelly Mitchell Group
  • Glider helped us speed up the hiring and brought quality to the table as well.

    - Kevin Lenahan

    Senior Manager Engineering Recruiting, Nutanix

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