Top 5 Things Recruiters Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving!


Updated on August 18, 2022

The Halloween pumpkin is gone only to be replaced by the much-awaited Thanksgiving Turkey! Bring out the harvest moon tales and fire up the oven! What are you most thankful for? We did a quick survey of what recruiters were most thankful for this Thanksgiving and here they are:

  1. Work from home: Cosy and traffic free, recruiters are most happy to have been able to steer the world of talent right from the comfort of their home. Getting to spend time with the fam and escaping the heartburn of being stuck in traffic are just a few cherries on top of all the privileges that WFH brings! So, cuddle up on your favourite seat and enjoy your cuppa of cocoa as you steer your organisation’s ship to the land of quality talent.
  2. Remote Hiring: The pandemic would have brough in plentiful woes if it hadn’t been for intelligent remote hiring tools that have brough much structure to the hiring processes of organisations and put an end to manual processes of scheduling interviews, getting hold of venues, coordinating with candidates, manually screening one candidate at a time, keeping track of tons of data and keeping all stakeholders informed. Well necessity is the mother of all inventions as they say!
  3. Chatbots for candidate screening: The global average applicant-to-hire ratio is 1/25. 1 out of 25 applicants are only hired! So much of wasted time and effort. Thankfully screening chatbots have made manual screening a history for most recruiters with a staggering 63% recruiters globally relying on chatbots for screening job applicants
  4. Video Interviews: Interviews used to be a pain with the candidate having to travel to the interview venue again and again and the recruiter having to schedule and coordinate with the hiring manager for every single candidate. The average global interview to hire ratio is 4/10. That makes both the candidate and the recruiter’s effort absolutely not worthwhile. Well, all that is gone with video interviews almost completely replacing face to face interviews globally. Sure, covid helped move things along after all Video Interview usage went up by 159% in 2020!
  5. AI: Recruitment tools without artificial intelligence wouldn’t be as effective at all. Not only AI helps improve the recruitment tools as more people use it with its ever-learning algorithms, but they also adapt to user needs by their own. In a way they are like a self-cleaning oven!

By 2020 itself, 65% of enterprises globally were using AI in their recruitment process and that number is expected to rise to 77% by 2023! It’s safe to say AI has truly made the life of recruiters much more productive.

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