How Proctoring Works In Protecting Test Integrity

Proctoring has gained immense demand nowadays, thanks to remote hiring and virtual interviews. Be it academic examinations or job interviews, many institutions and organizations rely on proctoring. As proctoring works in protecting test integrity, it has become the ultimate tech platform that conducts tests and assessments anywhere and anytime.   Proctoring ensures integrity and prevents cheating while pledging to the total privacy of the test candidates.  […]

Blockchain Project Manager Interview Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting and Hiring a Blockchain Project Manager Why Hire a Blockchain Project Manager?   Blockchain as an ideology has stirred interest and investments around the world. As per Gartner, Blockchain is rapidly venturing into experimental and small-scope projects. This trend will be fully scalable by 2023.   Thanks to Blockchain, the standard ‘norms’ […]
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