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Updated on December 6, 2022

The recent World Staffing Summit was one of the largest and most interactive virtual staffing events, broadcasted to a global audience across five days. Staffing leaders, industry analysts, and the summit also witnessed an exciting partnership between two industry-leading recruitment and staffing firms. 

In an interesting conversation with Joseph Cole, VP of Marketing, at Glider AI, both leaders at Glider AI and shared their insights on everything about partnerships and how they are beneficial across many stakeholders.

“Today many companies talk and track cost efficiency, leaving talent quality behind. At Glider, we are committed to making fair hire decisions and accessible opportunities. We believe that anyone capable must get an opportunity. Competency over credentials is the mantra at Glider.  

Glider provides various tools and technologies to top spot the talent quality of an individual. We have screen bots, talent assessments, live interviews, and other resources. Combinedly, the goal is to present a candidate to the hiring decisions with confidence so that they can make decisions. 

As a testament, over 60% of the world’s top 50 suppliers believe in us for making hiring decisions.”

Satish Kumar, CEO, Glider AI 

Speaking on the partnership between the companies, Jan Jedlinski, CEO and Co-founder of said that gone are the days when a hiring manager had to sift through volumes of emails from the staffing company. As an upper hand over ATS or Applicant Tracking System, provides on-demand and more digital experience to hiring managers.

That means instead of the redundant system of attaching a CV and many other documents in the mail, you can just share a digital link with the hiring manager. Ergo, there is brand visibility, faster feedback, and better client experience. is pre-integrated with Bullhorn, which means the customer can just turn on the product and it’s super easy to use with the already integrated data in Bullhorn. 

How do Glider AI and Partnership help Recruiters? 

As mutual partners with Bullhorn, integration between Glider AI and ushers a range of specific benefits to different stakeholders. While Glider presents verified candidate skill set data to the hiring manager, makes the data easily presentable. First, a hiring manager can make more objective and unbiased decisions.

Second, from a candidate’s perspective, the late boomers still can showcase their capability, and last, a recruiter can confidently submit a candidate’s profile to the hiring manager along with verifiable skills. Our integrated solution not only speeds up decision–making but also increases the bottom line and placement rate simultaneously. 

How can you access the Partnership Benefits of Glider AI and

The integration presents holistic information to the hiring manager with a single click. All it needs is to embed Glider results within’s portal. So, existing customers can reach out to the respective website’s tech support team for settings.  

About is the digital storefront for staffing customers. As a client portal for Bullhorn, comes with pre-integrated solutions for staffing firms to create on-demand branded candidate submissions. Through this, clients can make quicker hiring decisions, resulting in increased revenue and placement rates and also reduced feedback time. was also the mission partner for World Staffing Summit 2022. 

About Glider AI 

Glider AI is the leading talent quality platform to vet, engage and hire candidate quality at scale. Used by leading employers, vendors, and agencies, Glider’s products are well suited to full-time and contingent hiring, apart from campus recruitments and lateral hiring as well regardless of tech or non-tech industry.  

Glider AI also won SIA’s coveted Virtual Shark Tank Award for being the most innovative solution in the contingent market.  


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