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Blockchain UX Developer Skills Test

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Updated on December 5, 2022

Blockchain UX Developer Skills Test Overview 

Blockchain UX developers make blockchain technology accessible to all. They add visual language to Blockchain products to stimulate the users to take the desired action and also avoid obstacles in the process. Companies with decentralized apps or products hire them for entailing RoI-centered usability.   

Before hiring, you can use these sample questions to assess a candidate's fit for the blockchain UX development role. Feel free to use them or modify them as per the hiring need. 

Expected Skills 

  • Prior exposure to UX designing and visual prototyping 
  • Adept in CLI for blockchain interactions, digital wallet assets, GUI, etc 
  • Extensive knowledge of Photoshop Illustrator, Adobe XD, and UI design 
  • Attention to detail for creating wireframes based on user needs. 

Test Category 

Type – Multiple Choice Questions 

Time – 10 mins 

Language - English 

Level – Entry 

Difficulty - Easy 

Test Questions 

  1. User flow refers to______  
  • Physical movement a user makes for website navigation 
  • Steady stream of users navigating through a site 
  • Amount of time spent by a user on a page 
  • User’s journey through a site for a task completion 
  • All of these 
  1. A/B testing is______  
  • Gauging the responses of two users, A and B 
  • Gauging the responses of two types of groups, A and B 
  • Gauging the success of two design types, A and B 
  • Identifying the best route from A to B 
  • All of these 
  1. Screen layout refers to ______ 
  • Graphical design and icons placement 
  • Descriptive screen text, specification and windows titling 
  • Specification of major and minor menu items 
  • All of these 
  • None of these 
  1. UX in the blockchain is beneficial because it's______  
  • Trustworthy 
  • Transparent 
  • Consistent 
  • Informative 
  • All of these 
  1. Blockchain is all about ______ 
  • Chain code 
  • Distributed ledger 
  • Remarkable design 
  • Contract patterns 
  • All of these 

Who should take the test? 

Candidates are interested in Blockchain UX developer roles who are aware of the relationship between UX and blockchain in the Web3 landscape. They must know how to incorporate safety, validation, and user-friendliness in various digital wallets. 

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How can Glider AI help you with Hiring Blockchain Developer? 

Glider’s recruitment platform is built on the mission, of “competency over credentials”. This way, you can make the most of the hiring assessments through a structured and data-driven candidate-evaluation process. 

Glider AI's Unique Features

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  • Interactive, coding-enabled skill tests
  • Powerful candidate analytics 

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