10 Significant Questions You MUST Ask As A Recruiter To Your Prospective Client

Team Glider

Updated on May 5, 2023

As a recruiter, while interacting with the hiring manager of the client company, it is imperative for you to ask a few vital questions. Whether you are a veteran recruiter, a pro in the hiring business for over a decade, or a newbie – these questions will never fail you in the long run.

Most importantly, these questions will help you gauge the how interested your prospective client is in doing business with you

The job order must be comprehended well by the recruiter, i.e., YOU, to ensure that future deals also come your way and create a platform for a long-term relationship.

You can start with a meeting or a conference call. Make sure that the key decision-makers are also present on the call or meeting at the onset of each new assignment. To get the recruitment empanelment you must be clear that you are at par with the client company.

Given below are the questions you can ask:

  1. For how long has the position been vacant? How important is this position in your company?
  2. What are the key projects the candidate will be expected to work on? If that is confidential then ask for a deeper and clearer picture. ‘Sales Manager with 6 years of experience with Healthcare background’ – is too vague. Do not settle for that.
  3. What are the exact skills you will be looking for in a candidate? Communication / Soft-skills / Problem-solving / Troubleshooting.
  4. What will be his KRAs and KPIs?
  5. What will be his scope of growth in your company over the next few years?
  6. Who is the reporting head of the candidate?
  7. Tell us a little bit about your company size, culture, key differentiators, company USP etc?
  8. Is it a contractual position through Third-Party Payroll or direct employment? If it is contractual, when is the tentative timeframe for absorption to direct Payroll?
  9. What is the timeframe for feedback on resumes?
  10. Who is the PoC for all communications (from the client company) between the recruitment company and the client company?

Ensure that you are aware of the key aspects and features of the candidate profile and job description. Ask for the exact JD and salary range. Be clear that the client has a good understanding of your company background and your work procedure.

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