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Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

Coding interviews for building an effective team from scratch is not easy. Why? Because the recruitment process has to be really sophisticated to make sure you are not hiring candidates who shine in the knowledge and recall areas online but can’t really perform in real-world scenarios.

On top of that, there are a lot of online coding courses available. Considering that a programmer job position is perceived as very attractive by the general population, you might and up having to interview hundreds of job candidates at a time. To make an effective team, your job candidates have to shine in the areas of creativity and unique thinking, besides coding interviews as well.

We are here to discuss how to improve your hiring strategy and make sure that your new programmers will make a good and effective team. By brainstorming what jobs use coding,  you can make data-driven decisions and test the creativity and unique thinking of candidates. Let’s see what online coding interview tests offer and how they compare to other legacy hiring practices.

Disadvantages of Legacy Hiring Practices

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

Can you imagine asking your job candidates to write code on a piece of paper? This practice definitely belongs to the past. First of all, a coding career is beyond what a typical recruiter thinks. Next, that pile of paper your recruitment team has to go makes it a tough call.

Multiple choice questionnaires are not much better than paper tests. We can’t say that they are bad at helping you assess candidates’ knowledge, but when it comes to testing candidates creativity and ability to think uniquely, they are just useless.

In fact, only 20-30% of the candidates with good scores on MCQ tests also have good scores on online coding tests. This means that 70-80% are unable to truly understand and apply the knowledge they have. Not to mention the one-on-one interviews, which cannot help interviewers get insight into candidates knowledge and a problem-solving mindset.

This leaves us with the question – how can you make the most of assessments for hiring? All of this has created the room for online coding tests, a new practice in tech team recruitment that offers tangible results.

Benefits of Using Online Coding Tests

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

Online coding tests bring something completely new to the HR industry and companies that handle recruitment internally – the ability to assess job candidates’ programming skills in an authentic programming environment. What does an online coding job test offer to companies in need of an effective tech team?

    • Test efficiency by leveraging the flexibility of the tests – platforms specializing in online testing come with a lot of pre-built tests you can use right out-of-the-box. But they also offer flexibility by giving you the opportunity to create your own test, which is very useful when you are looking to discover something very particular about job candidates.

Time efficiency – the online coding test is just a client to a much bigger platform behind it. With instant grading, debugging, and correction features, both you and your candidates will save a lot of time. You won’t have to spend time assessing tests, while the recruitment process delivers better results.

Immediate feedback – candidates are able to see the grade for each question or task immediately after finishing it, which helps in maintaining their motivation.

Get an insight into a candidate’s coding skills by checking code scalability – this includes code and time complexity, processing time and CPU usage, along with time spent on finishing each assignment.

Simulator-based test – an online coding test will help you check the candidate’s ability to work on real-life projects. This includes problem-solving abilities and programming skills.

Easily Identify Unique Job Candidates

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

In this line of work, unique job candidates are the ones with strong coding skills and creativity. The strength of their coding skills can be only determined by examining the code on various quality and efficiency parameters. Simulator-based assessments enable you to filter out the unique job candidates by answering the following questions:

    • Does the candidate know how to code? Gauge language prowess by assessing the candidate’s conceptual understanding of

important paradigms of any specific programming language

    • .

Why coders are needed? What best can they bring to the company? Help out your tech teams and let the online coding tests automatically analyze the code quality. Discover violations in any submitted code and review quality scores for each job applicant.

Is the candidate efficient enough at coding? Compare code quality to time spent on writing it to identify the most efficient candidates. Furthermore, get insight into the depth and width of candidates capabilities in all programming stages – coding, testing, debugging, and deploying.

Is the candidate cheating? With plagiarism control, window and tab switch monitoring, full-screen enforcement, multiple window prevention, and copy-paste disablement it becomes easy to test applicants in a controlled environment and prevent cheating, even if they are at a remote location.

Ultimately assessment dashboards of online coding test platforms are very easy to use and easy to implement in the recruitment process despite the size of the company. All the features and the benefits they bring can be used with minimal technical knowledge. To help understand how easy it is to use such a solution let’s take a close look at, which is one of the better online coding test platforms out there.

The recruitment workflow is really streamlined and as you can see on the screenshot below, you will be able to manage your candidate very easily.

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

To test the candidates, you can choose any of the existing pre-built coding tests, or you can build your own. The picture below showcases the custom test builder’s ease of use.

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team allows you to launch different interviews: coding and audio, coding and video or just Video.

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

Inviting candidates to interviews is just as easy.

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

Online coding tests offer new opportunities for companies that want to streamline the process of hiring and building effective teams of coders. With access to all those perks, you won’t have to worry about subjectivity, and you can rest assured that your hiring process will deliver long-term results.

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