Improve + integrate DEI into your hiring from initial screen to final hire.

Cultivating workplace diversity is not a goal, but a reality, and Glider makes it easy.
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Integrity Always, Bias Never with  Glider DE&I Solutions

The traditional hiring process is filled with bias, prioritizing candidate credentials and connections over competency and fit. Glider levels the playing field by:
Removing personally identifiable information
Masking candidate appearance and voice
Making questions fair, standardized, and bias free
Shortlisting candidates based on performance and fit
Glider DEI Score

AI Screening

Prequalify faster in AI conversations over SMS, WhatsApp, and social media.

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Skill Tests

Vet skill, expertise, and fit in science-based assessments.

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Meet in live coding, virtual 1:1, or asynchronous video interviews.

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DE&I Analysis

View diversity composition metrics like age, race, sex and more across the entire diversity hiring lifecycle.


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Assess departmental diversity to discern diversity across the org.


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Measure DE&I retention to gauge the effectiveness of inclusion efforts.


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Improve all aspects of diversity hiring! 

Connect with us 1 on 1, we'll collect information about your specific hiring challenges to tailor a demo specific to your unique business. 
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