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Cloud Security Skill Test

Cloud security analysts are like invigilators who overlook their network systems to proactively mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. They proactively make informed decisions based on network device logs.  Our skill test measures your proficiency in cloud security technologies, cloud architecture principles, and deployment models opening up huge opportunities in the cloud security domain. 

Business Intelligence Skill Test

The business intelligence skill test evaluates candidates ‘skills and talent in driving customer data into insights for business growth and development like data analysis and visualization, SQL, ETL, and data integration. BI solutions can enhance career opportunities for a person adept at handling datasets, data modeling, data sorting, and data manipulation, and building custom analytics solutions.

Big Data Engineering Skill Test

The big data engineering skill test evaluates your expertise in designing, developing, implementing, and managing large-scale data processing systems, storage systems, and infrastructure to support big data initiatives.  A strong knowledge of big data technologies, platforms, distributed computing, data integration, and ETL processes, as well as strong analytical and problem-solving skills, will help you pursue careers in […]

DevOps Testing Skill Test

DevOps testing professionals in charge of transferring fresh QA development code into the production environment along with the DevOps teams. Organizations hire them for skills and expertise in test automation and test strategy definition besides dynamic release cycles. From ensuring the quality and stability of the software applications to implementing DevOps principles in the development […]

DevOps Software Development Skill Test

The DevOps software development skill test evaluates the candidates in areas such as software development, cloud computing, automation, and monitoring including their ability to collaborate with different teams and be able to adapt to changing requirements and environments. DevOps software developers design and write the code used to build everything from operating systems to apps to video games. They […]

DevOps Lead Skill Test

The DevOps lead skill test plays a critical role in assessing the range of skills to build a DevOps-friendly infrastructure. As professionals, they eliminate the silos between developers and operations. Having said that, they must be the best in sysadmin, and programming.  They play a critical role in overseeing the development, deployment, and operations of software applications through […]

Cloud Consultancy Skill Test

Having a cloud consultancy skill test in your interview process helps you check the candidate’s expertise in cloud migration and deployment. Their skills and competencies are crucial in helping enterprises shift their digital assets and data resources from on-site to the cloud in a faster and fuss freeway. They leverage their cloud proficiency skills in […]

Cloud Networking Skill Test

As IT professional who designs, implements, and manages cloud-based network infrastructure, cloud network engineers ensure that the network infrastructure is optimized for performance, security, and scalability. Cloud network engineers work on cloud computing platforms and services in addition to networking protocols and technologies.

Cloud Automation Skill Test

Cloud automation engineers empower enterprises for cloud migration and deployment through the design and development of automation resources. They use various tools and technologies to automate and streamline processes such as provisioning, deployment, scaling, monitoring, and management of cloud resources. Cloud automation skill test measures the candidate’s proficiency in various cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, […]

Cloud Administration Skill Test

The cloud administration skill test looks into a cloud administrator’s in-depth understanding of cloud computing concepts and technologies, such as virtualization, containers, and serverless computing in addition to cloud administration tools, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. From a cloud computing standpoint, a cloud administrator sets up and configures cloud environments, monitors and […]

Blockchain UX Skill Test

Blockchain UX developers make blockchain technology accessible to all. They add visual language to blockchain products to stimulate the users to take the desired action and also avoid obstacles in the process. Companies with decentralized apps or products hire them for entailing RoI-centered usability. Strong knowledge of blockchain technology, data structures, security mechanisms, interface designs […]

Blockchain Quality Engineering Skill Test

The blockchain quality engineering skill test evaluates the candidate’s ability to develop automation frameworks, manual tests, and tests for glitches and bugs. In addition, they must be proficient in smart contracts, cryptocurrency, coding, blockchain platforms, and quality assurance tools. Blockchain quality engineers use Quality Defect Tolerance (QDT) during production quality control while Crypto Graphical Data is used […]

Blockchain Project Management Skill Test

The blockchain project management skill test evaluates the candidates in areas like blockchain-based systems, applications, and platforms, including implementation and integration of blockchain solutions into existing systems. With an amalgamation of technical and managerial skills, blockchain project managers are wise guys in blockchain architecture and ecosystem, they must know about the applications and deployments of smart contracts on a […]

Blockchain Development Skill Test

The blockchain development skill test evaluates candidates in blockchain-specialized platforms such as distributed applications (Dapps), Ethereum, Bitcoin, and smart contracts as well. As professionals responsible for innovative solutions based on blockchain protocols, blockchain developers research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies, both on the current server and client-side applications.

AI Skill Test

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) skill test evaluates the candidate’s ability to design and develop AI functionality into software applications.