HR Assistant Interview Questions

The below-given HR Assistant interview questions will help you find the most apt candidate for your HR Department. You can tailor these questions according to the qualities you are looking for in your prospective HR Assistant. Similar designations include Coordinator, Clerk, Associate, Analyst and HR Administrative Assistant.

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HR Assistant Interview Questions

Use below-given HR interview questions to find out whether your candidate is an apt choice for this profile. With administrative interview questions, you can test if your candidates have strong computer skills and relevant administrative assistant experience. Experience of public speaking, great interpersonal skills and an ability to maintain confidentiality are vital for this position. This is a junior position, so HR experience is not essential but if a skilled candidate has experience then it is great.

Responsibilities of an HR Assistant

The HR Assistant is responsible for maintaining confidential employee records and takes care of everyday administrative and clerical jobs.
An HR Assistant will be the primary point of contact for other staff members. This professional will be responsible for organizing orientations with new hires and resolving issues of employees.

Operational and Situational questions

  • What do you find interesting about your job role?
  • HR Admins have a repetitive type of work, how do you stay motivated? What do you expect from your company?
  • From the time a candidate is offered a position to the time the candidate is hired, how much work is involved? What paperwork is essential?
  • Do you have any experience of using HRIS systems?
  • If you are asked to make an employee database from scratch, what details would you include, like name, SSN and birthdate? How do you maintain the accuracy of this database?
  • How do you prepare data-driven reports? Have you ever made a serious mistake? How did you rectify it?
  • How do you handle complaints related to compensation? When do you seek assistance from your supervisor?
  • Define confidential information. How do you manage confidentiality in the workplace?