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Glider AI + Candidately Q&A with Satish Kumar, Nimitt Sharma, Jan Jedlinkski

expert staffing q&a

Talent Quality + competitive hiring, what's the secret to motivating recruiters?

What is the right recruiting strategy? Join our expert staffing Q&A for the secrets on keeping candidates + client demand high while keeping your recruiters happy.

RSVP May 19, 2022 at 12 pm EST for the free Q&A session 

How to build a repeat client + candidate staffing business while keeping your recruiters happy!

Join Jan JedlinskiSatish Kumar, and Nimitt Sharma, in a live Q&A session where they share insights on:

Levers to accelerate placement rates, time-to-hire, and talent quality
How to verify skill, competency and fit in a candidate-first, client-friendly experience
Aligning client and candidate demands while keeping your recruiters engaged and motivated to place more candidates