AI Proctoring: Insuring Your Talent Investments 

Confidence, speed, and smarts; Glider AI proctoring validates competency and eliminates fraud.   

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Automated Monitoring

The increase in remote hiring and virtual work has made it easier to misrepresent qualifications and for some to cheat. Not everyone does cheat, but those who do, do it well! Before skill-testing starts, Glider asks candidates for permission to track behaviour from keystrokes, audio, and webcam. 

Face Detection

Your face is your new fingerprint; Glider's face detection remembers who takes the test, preventing bait and switch. The AI even tracks eye movement for suspicious behavior and monitors the room to ensure the candidate is solo and not getting help. It's like Siri for testing, but it's Glider AI. 

Advanced Tracking 

Hiring the right person for the job is essential to company integrity. Glider actively monitors potentially problematic behaviours and patterns from keystrokes to a copy and paste. There's no surprise with who you hire with Glider. Instead, you're guaranteed to get the best for the job. 

Monitoring Reports

Hiring teams are provided with a detailed report for each tested candidate, giving you a record to compare competency and integrity. Net, hire the best with Glider. 

Cheating Analysis

Sometimes it's innocent, and sometimes it's not. For further reassurance, Glider reports possible cheating occurrences, so you have the facts to decide whether to forward or not. 

Plagiarism Checks

It's hard to check and validate everything; that's where Glider can help you fly with automated plagiarism checks. Our AI-enabled tech compares candidate coding work with online sources, compares with other submissions to flag possible plagiarism issues. 

Video Analysis

Yes, a hybrid world of work has its pros and cons. Now, you have access to a global workforce, but it's impossible to meet everyone in person. With Glider Virtual interviews, our AI-tech monitors when someone leaves a room, enters a room, whether someone else is in the room and more, making it easy for you to review questionable moments. 

Putting Faith in Your Talent

We all mean well, but sometimes the stress and pressure to land that dream job can get in the way of anyone. We try to put the candidate at ease, communicating why we're monitoring from what's allowed to what isn't. Even with that, we enable the talent to explain questionable activities. Everything is transparent; true transparency goes both ways! 

Delivering Quality Talent

The candidate agrees to enable all of these tracking functions. There’s little incentive to cheat, and while we’re prepared to catch them if they do, our transparency encourages them to put their best, legitimate effort forward. That way, you find the true quality talent among your applicants.

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