Proctoring & anti-plagiarism

Proctoring & anti-plagiarism

Administer assessments with confidence – Monitor remotely & efficiently

Video recording and Screen capture

Ensure integrity of the test results by capturing the screen and video of the test taker. Glider can also establish the identity of the candidate who is supposed to take the test by posing challenge questions the answers to which only the candidate is supposed to know.

User Activity Insights

Get every candidate action captured along with the screen and video recording. Whether the user switched tabs on the browser to Google an answer, copy-pasted text from a different source, chatted with his friend to get help or just paused for an inordinate amount of time, everything is captured here. This activity report and video can then be reviewed by a recruiter to ensure that there was no cheating.

Live proctoring

For the most demanding test situations, Glider also supports live proctoring where a remote human proctor continuously monitors the candidate.

A.I. Plagiarism detection

Glider can detect plagiarism on descriptive answers and code samples and alert you on the risk of plagiarism by candidates. Glider uses proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms for detecting plagiarism.

Response replay

Assign candidates open ended tasks such as writing emails, creating proposals, documenting ideas and capture granular activity. Rewind, pause and replay as you see how the candidate works through the assignment giving you invaluable insight into the candidate’s thought process and work efficiency.