JobRole Assessment Library

Available Across All Job Roles

Use Glider across Technology, Functional and Sales Roles.

Technical Role Based Tests
Don’t waste time manually screening and interviewing unqualified candidates. Glider Auto-scored coding tasks, engineering simulations and data-driven interviews enable you to quickly screen and assess candidates and figure out the best fit for any position.
.Net Developer

Android Developer

Application Developer

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Front End Developer

iOS Developer

Java Developer

Network Engineer

PHP Developer

QA Engineer

RoR Developer

Functional Role Based Tests
Evaluate candidates based on scenarios created for specific roles or send a quick video interview that your candidate can even do on a mobile device. Interactive tests and standardised interviews ensure unbiased data-driven decision making.
Customer Service Rep.

Desktop Support

Administrative Asst.

Business Analyst

Project Management

Accounts Executive

HR Manager

Operations Manager