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Accelerate recruiting with full-funnel hiring

Whether you're looking to hire for one or 1-million jobs, Glider can streamline hiring with task automation while facilitating:
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Confirm candidate 
skill and integrity

Simulate real-life work to confirm ability and mitigate hiring fraud with intelligent AI proctoring:
Real-World Tasks
Skill Assessments
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Address all enterprise requirements

Glider AI diversity based hiring


Enable DE&I to remove hiring bias.

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Glider AI Enterprise Compliance


Meet data compliance and
HR standards like GDPR & ADA.

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Glider AI Enterprise Integrations


Connect with your entire HR tech stack.

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Glider AI industry based hiring

Industry Hiring

Skill tests & assessments for every industry.

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Glider AI role based hiring

ROle-Based Hiring

Assess skill for any role, tech & non-tech.

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Glider AI university-campus based hiring

Campus hiring

Screen for top university students.

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