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Interview with Ali Ghiassi, TA leader at Fortrea, Advice for Recruiters and Staffing Firms

Talent Acquisition has experienced a lot of challenges from longer and slower hiring cycles to not knowing the impact of AI-recruiting, in turn causing a lot of uncertainty for TA, HR, and staffing firms. In this webinar, Joseph Cole, VP of Marketing and Research, interviews Ali Ghiassi, leader of TA and People Experience at Fortrea.  Ali […]

Top HR Technology Trends In 2021

2021 was an exciting year, resplendent with HR technology and tools. Terms like AI, ML, NLP, cloud, talent, analytics, well-being, etc. became popular buzzwords at the workplace.  For the unversed, HR technology or Workforce management technology is an all-inclusive term that refers to automated tools and technologies adopted by human resources in day-to-day functions. As a result, HR leaders are able to make better […]