5 Key Pointers On Compiling Targeted Job Postings (TGP) – Save Time & Money

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Updated on May 5, 2023

The most imperative step in the hiring process is to write an accurate and focused job posting. When this crucial part is done correctly, the right applicants can be drawn at the outset and you, as a recruiter, can save time and money both, short-and long-term.

Nonetheless, it may be difficult to write a job description (or anything in this respect), as everyone who has ever faced a blank page will easily tell you. However, it is not as bad as it seems.

Tips on writing targeted job postings (TGP)

Here are few tips on how to write the TGPs in order to save time and money.

1. Be specific:

Be very clear about the skills you are searching for unless you’re looking to be swamped with resumes and applications. Note this – when an applicant reads the job description, he or she must immediately be able to comprehend whether this position is suitable for them or not.

Defining and clearly indicating “obligatory” qualifications for the job, including technical licenses, experience and training are mandatory. Some confusion about credentials and skills will inspire unskilled applicants. As a result, you might lose on the top talents.

2. Be industry-specific:

Specifically for posting, use terms that are known around in the industry. Using imaginative titles and internal jargon will only make your posting more ambiguous. It might also hamper search options.

Sure it is boring to go with the tried and tested, but boring is gorgeous when it comes to finding the right candidate. Swap jargon for the business and corporate terms for descriptive names in accordance with industry standards. These are the keywords that candidates possibly use when searching for a job.

3. Less is bliss:

Your task will be to provide potential applicants with an understanding of the role and responsibilities involved. While writing for the job description, it might wake your inner Tolstoy, but put a halt right there. You don’t want to confuse the reader.

Remove lengthy explanations and chunky paragraphs. Make your content easier to read with lucidity. Disassemble long sections of texts with subheadings, bullet points, or short paragraphs. People in all industries today use simple language.

4. Think like a marketer:

Top candidates are usually hired first by other companies. Therefore, your job posting must also act as a marketing tool. Strongly highlight the positive aspects of your company including your line of business. That might include points such as:

  1. Are you located in a trendy neighborhood?
  2. What are your working hours and do you offer flexi timings
  3. What compensation and perks are involved this the annexure

Nevertheless, don’t forget the job details! Describe the goals, responsibilities, KRAs, KPIs and highlight the skills and attributes necessary to make applicants understand the role and potential of the project.

5. Your words matter:

Utilize unique competencies that can be demonstrated objectively (e.g. leadership competencies illustrated by previous team management experience). However, it is also important to use language which is frequently associated with that position. Use the relevant terms and keywords logically used by job seekers in order to be noticed (e.g. the “authors” or “editor” for the role of a content management officer).

Recruitment has never been an easy job. However, it can be made easier with different plans and strategies. Follow the tips mentioned above to hire better candidates faster and spending less on your budget.


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