Industry & Job-Role Based Tests

Assess the right competencies in candidates based on industry and job role to hire high performing talent efficiently. 


Hire for competency over credentials with interactive coding tests that support hundreds of languages, coding simulators and live coding enabled video interviews that reveal true talent quality in an unbiased manner. 

Our auto proctored, job and industry-specific tech assessments can be used for hiring talent in any tech role- Software Developers, Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, UI/UX Designers, Automation Engineers, Cloud Architects, IT Support Staff, Product designers, etc. 


Hire local or global, full time or contingent talent best suited for job roles in the logistics industry. Whether you are looking to hire a Purchasing Manager, Procurement Consultant, Category Manager, Supply Chain Manager or a Logistics Engineer, Glider’s Hiring Tools can be used end-to-end, from screening to interview. 

Call Center

Glider’s Phone Screen tool helps you quickly find candidates with excellent listening and speaking skills. 

We have tailored assessments for Voice Processes, Chat Processes, Inbound Calling, Outbound Calling, as well as managerial and tech roles such as Resource Planning, Operations Management, Digital Contact Director, Team Leader and more.


Glider’s recruitment tools allow healthcare companies to screen, assess and hire quality talent for full time as well as contingent roles.  

Our assessments cover popular healthcare industry roles such as Physician, Dentist, Nurse, Pharmacist, as well as niche roles such as Occupational Therapist, Home Health Aide, Medical Technologist etc. 


Glider’s assessments provide insurance companies with tools to assess talent in their fast-evolving sector. 

Our vast question library, 30+ question types and varied assessment methods allow you to thoroughly assess each competency.

Financial Services

Competency-based assessments help you zero-in on the quality talent you need. 

Our vast assessment library covers financial industry roles from junior to leadership positions, Accounting, Personal Banking, Analytics, FP&A, Financial Consulting, Trading, Portfolio Management and more.


Seasonal or full-time, Glider can help you find the staff that will inspire your guests to recommend you and to visit you again.

Our assessments include ones for Event Planner or Concierge, to permanent full-time employees such as Hotel Manager, Group Sales Manager, Executive Chef, Customer Relationship Manager, Spa Manager and more.

Professional Services

Glider works beautifully to assess soft-skills like negotiation, communication, and relationship building. Use task-based assessments, video interviews, gamified assessments, and simulations to find the quality talent you need.

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