Glider's Virtual Interviews are designed for ease and speed to qualify top talent quickly.

How it works.

In competitive hiring markets, candidate
experience is everything.


Glider Interview Templates ensure all the right questions are asked, and all your qualified candidates are given a fair shot. 

Templates are customizable to address all your hiring needs for even the most technical and senior positions. 

By standardizing interviews, you're provided with data that can be used to improve all future hiring across your organization and suppliers.
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Live Coding

Whether it’s simple coding challenges across all major programming languages, full-stack engineering scenarios, or technical design conversations, you can gauge both technical and collaborative skills with Glider's Live Coding Interviews.
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The new normal is global and virtual. Glider Pre-recorded Interviews offer flexibility to interview at times that are convenient for everyone. You record your interview questions, and the candidate records their submissions. 

Create scenarios and evaluate communication skills and function-specific accumen
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Fly above the rest
with the most
comprehensive set
of Interview Tools.

Real-World Task Simulation
Interview Standardization with DE&I
Tech Interviews: 150+ languages and technologies
AI-Enabled Proctoring
Non-Tech Interviews
Candidate Reporting and Interview Summaries
More Enterprises & Staffing firms trust Glider to hire right every time.
  • We were not only able to hire more people in less time byt also able to get the best quality of people with Glider's pre-evaluation methodology.

    - Harmeet Chhabra

    Director of Talent Acquisition
  • In addition to having a great customer experience in Glider, this tool has substantially improved our technical screening process.

    - Julie Harris

    Senior Delivery Director, Kelly Mitchell Group
  • Glider helped us speed up the hiring and brought quality to the table as well.

    - Kevin Lenahan

    Senior Manager Engineering Recruiting, Nutanix

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