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All Function Recruiting

Standardized video interviews and screening tools.

Real-world scenarios

Evaluate candidates with actual tasks required of the role. Create scenarios and watch candidates work with live video and a shared workspace, or watch a recorded video on your own time.

Interactive tests

Gauge a candidate’s skill level, personality traits, skills and cultural fit. Use pre-built tests or create your own with 30+ question types including video. Proctoring, plagiarism score, and key-by-key replay give you confidence in the results.

Consistent, data-driven interviews

Keep yourself organized and make sure your team asks the right questions. Create templates for different roles so everyone works like your best interviewer.


A.I.-powered stack ranking

Let Glider show you which candidates best match your open position. Intelligent stack ranking weighted by your custom criteria. Put it to work on all of the candidates in your ATS to reveal hidden gems.

Automated Outbound Recruiting

Up your sourcing game by creating email templates for different types of candidates, comparing the reults and optimizing your messages to attract top candidates.


Works with your ATS

Glider integrates with many Applicant Tracking Systems to streamline your work. Stack rank candidates in your database, reach out to them automatically and include interactive quizes to see which you should follow up with.