Realistic simulations to test engineering and development skills |

Simulate real world multi-file and full stack projects

Evaluate candidates on the kind of problems that they will be working on after joining your organization. Our flexible technology lets you simulate a vast range of tech stacks.

Data Science

It’s often said that data science is as much an art as it is a science. Understanding data intuitively goes beyond the use of a few tools and being able to access that in the candidates you are trying to hire is critical. Here are few examples where you can present a real-world example and see the insights the candidate can draw from them

    • Recommend the right movie based on past history
    • Selecting the right set of relevant features in a model
    • Parallel data processing with Spark





Frontend Development

These engineers need a unique blend of visual perception and programming skills to achieve the impact necessary for success. Asking for a portfolio isn’t typical while hiring for such roles but with our Virtual Desktop, you can see if the candidate can in fact deliver on the claims.

    • Implement CSS for a screen to match a given design
    • Extend an Angular app to implement certain specific functionality
    • Debug a React application to fix the errors





Backend Development

Understanding algorithms while essential is no substitute for experience gained designing complex systems or frameworks. Evaluating those skills is a great challenge and presenting candidates with an open ended project for them to solve sheds significant light on their capabilities. A few examples to get started –

    • Design and implement a FIFO cache
    • Analyze query execution plans and optimize
    • Implement a REST endpoint for pagination




Ruby on Rails

Quality Assurance

A good QA engineer is as hard to come by as a good developer. Evaluating whether candidates have this intuition is pretty darn hard with theoretical questions on process. Our virtual desktop enables understanding not only programming skills but also a candidates sense of intuition and meticulousness. A few examples of what can be done –

    • Code automated functional tests
    • Identify usability or functional errors within an application
    • Debug an existing automation script to address new enhancements






DevOps is mission-critical and these skills are hard to evaluate with typical programming and logic questions. Our virtual desktop provides access to entire stacks simulating what the candidate would be presented with in real-life. A couple of examples include –

    • Debug configuration issues
    • Setup routing rules in Apache/Nginx
    • Write scripts to analyze files, automate deployment etc.





Go beyond algorithmic exercises, hire candidates using real-world tasks.