Simulate Real World Full Stack Projects

Evaluate candidate's on-the-job performance with real-world simulations


With our WebIDE Simulations, run complete projects to auto evaluate candidates on FrontEnd, BackEnd or Full Stack skills on any programming stack.

Virtual Desktop

Simulate a complete Linux machine in this assessment and configure the environment that you want to assess your candidates on.

Data Science

It’s often said that data science is as much an art as it is a science. So, assessing your candidate’s intuitive understanding of data is critical. With Glider, you can provide real-world scenarios to assess the quality of the insights your candidate draws from them. For example:
Recommend the right movie based on past history
Select the right set of relevant features in a model
Devine parallel data processing with Spark





Frontend Development

These engineers need a unique blend of visual acumen and programming skills to deliver the impact necessary for success. It’s not typical to ask for a portfolio, so Glider provides you with our Virtual Desktop. That way, you can practically watch the candidate produce, making sure they can deliver what you need:
Implement CSS for a screen to match a given design
Extend an Angular app to implement certain specific functionality
Debug a React application to fix the errors





Backend Development

Evaluating whether someone understands algorithms and knows how to design complex systems and frameworks is a daunting challenge. The best way to achieve it is to present the candidate with an open ended project for them to solve. Their approach and solution shed significant light on their capabilities:
Design and implement a FIFO cache
Analyze query execution plans and optimize
Implement a REST endpoint for pagination




Ruby on Rails

Quality Assurance

A good QA engineer is as hard to come by as a good developer. They need an intuition for theoretical questions regarding processes—hardly an everyday skill. Glider provides you with a virtual desktop where they can demonstrate their meticulousness even as they reveal the depth of their intuition:
Code automated functional tests
Identify usability or functional errors within an application
Debug an existing automation script to address new enhancements






DevOps’s mission-critical skills are hard to evaluate with typical programming and logic questions. So, Glider’s virtual desktop provides access to entire stimulated stacks where the candidate can solve the same problems they will encounter in real-life:
Debug configuration issues
Setup routing rules in Apache/Nginx
Write scripts to analyze files, automate deployment etc.





Go beyond algorithmic exercises. Hire candidates using real-world tasks.

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