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Connecting Glider AI with Beeline gives you a holistic view of your talent acquisition lifecycle.
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Improve Bullhorn data with pre-screened and qualified candidates using Glider AI screening and assessment tools.
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Fast track time-to-submit and time-to-hire in a beautiful interactive talent submission through
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Improve eTeki interviews with candidate skill, competency and fit data through Glider AI assessments.
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PRO Unlimited

Streamline hiring and view candidate data directly in your VMS, including skill, competency level and fit.
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Understand candidate intent, skill, and fit when you connect GreenHouse ATS with Glider AI.
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Improve the candidate experience and iCIMS data with Glider AI interviews and assessments to give you a better picture of your talent.
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Get more from your JobDiva ATS with Glider candidate competency and skill data.
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Improve JobVite candidate data with Glider assessments and screening tools to understand intent, skill, and fit.
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Talent Net

Improve talent pool and sourcing data with candidate assessment data.
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Get the complete picture of talent quality by augmenting Taleo human capital data with Glider AI assessments and interviews.
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Streamline talent curation by augmenting WillHire with Glider AI candidate assessment data.
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Get a complete picture of your talent pool by connecting Glider AI with Workday to include skill, competency and fit data.
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