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DE&I / Diversity
Technical skill tests
Functional skill tests
Coding interviews
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Glider AI makes skill center across all stages of the recruiting funnel


Pre-qualify thousands of candidates in minutes across any channel from WhatsApp to email in human-like conversations 

AI Phone Screen

AI-guided phone conversations help recruiters interview like a subject matter expert without the expert to help fast-track next steps.

Skill Assessments

Confirm job readiness with technical skill tests that simulate your coding environment or real-world job tasks for non-tech roles.

Coding Interviews

Replace theory with real-world coding skills in an interactive coding environment  to assess candidate competency and collaboration.

One-way video Interviews

Maximize recruiting efficiency through pre-recorded video interviews, just hit send and review candidate responses when ready.

Upskill & reskill

Assess skill gaps then upskill, reskill, and certify your talent pool with high-demand skills. 

Diversity Hiring (De&I)

Glider AI eliminates potential bias from the interview process, eliminating PII to help hiring teams focus on skill, not just formal credentials. 


Regain confidence in your hiring decision with the industry's most robust AI proctoring solution, guaranteeing candidate skill and integrity. 

automation & Integrations

Pull skill intelligence into your ATS and improve recruiting effectiveness by automating scheduling, qualification, and stakeholder feedback.