Competitive hiring and high demand for qualified IT candidates made filling time-sensitive IT job reqs challenging even for the well-known Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare company. Even with months of screening candidates, many lacked the proficiency presented on their resumes.


With Talent Quality an issue, Highmark Blue Shield implemented Glider AI skills assessments across all its suppliers to screen and validate competency and fit. Staffing firms could only submit candidates for consideration after they had passed the Glider AI assessments.

This is the most impactful thing we’ve done in terms of time and cost savings—it’s been huge. We love the Glider AI, it’s light years ahead.

– Nolan L, IT Manager, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Glider AI provided confidence to hiring managers that only the most qualified moved to the next steps. The process also enabled hiring managers to customize questions and tasks specific to the job, ensuring immediate success.

While assessments added an extra step, Highmark Blue Shield reduced time-to-fill by 20% and doubled the interview-to-hire ratio.