UI Innovation Skill Test

Skill summary

UI Innovations are all about making the product’s interface safe, innovative, and effective to use. The job title is extremely new but is rapidly catching up with digital innovations. That's why our UI Innovations skill test resource is a must-read for you.

Using a combination of design thinking, UI, and UX processes, candidates create innovative, user-friendly interfaces that meet the needs of both users and businesses.


Multiple Choice Questions


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Why we created this test

This UI innovation skill test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of the fundamentals of UI Innovation, and their skills in and theoretical understanding of design thinking, UX, graphic design, and creative and innovative skills. 

Candidates who do well on the UI innovations skill test have a good grasp of prototyping and testing, design tools, and the ability to communicate their ideas and concepts clearly with their teams and stakeholders.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform UI Innovation
Glider AI skill intelligence platform UI Innovation

Skills evaluated

UI Innovators need to have certain competencies to do their job well. The skills that they should have are:
Creativity, design, innovation and analytics
Motion graphics, sketching, painting and scribbling
Communication and negotiation with stakeholders
Technical understanding of UI platforms and software
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Visual Designer
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Glider AI skill intelligence platform UI Innovation

Science-backed questions for hundreds of roles

Use these sample questions to evaluate skill and fit for the UI Innovator role before hiring.

1. _____ is not a visualization tool
  • Maps 
  • Images 
  • Stories 
  • Videos 
  • None of these 
2. Test stage of design thinking is all about ______
  • Allowing consumers to test your product or service 
  • Giving a written test to the design team 
  • Conducting an internal test for the employees 
  • Examining the products designed by competitors 
  • None of these 
3. MVP is an abbreviated form of ______
  • Minimum Viable Product 
  • Maximum Viable Product 
  • Most Viable Product 
  • Maximum Viable Product  
  • All of these 
4. Design phase is commonly _____
  • Top-down 
  • Bottom-up 
  • Random 
  • Center-fingering 
  • None of these 
5. Specification should be always ______
  • Functional 
  • Accurate 
  • Specific 
  • All of these 
  • None of these 

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