DevOps Software Development Skill Test

Skill summary

The DevOps software development skill test evaluates the candidates in areas such as software development, cloud computing, automation, and monitoring including their ability to collaborate with different teams and be able to adapt to changing requirements and environments.

DevOps software developers design and write the code used to build everything from operating systems to apps to video games. They are involved in every stage of the software development process, right from discovering users’ needs and their usage to rolling out a completed application.


Multiple Choice Questions


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Why we created this test

DevOps software developers combine software development skills with operations expertise to enable faster and more reliable software delivery. In DevOps, development, and operations are merged to create a more collaborative and efficient workflow.

Candidates interested in DevOps software development who know programming languages, Linux fundamentals, agility, etc can take the DevOps software development skill test. Besides proficiency in Node.js, automation and soft skills like collaboration and problem-solving will level up the interview process.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform DevOps Software Development
Glider AI skill intelligence platform DevOps Software Development

Skills evaluated

DevOps software developers need to have certain competencies to do their job well. The skills that they should have are:
Solid knowledge of coding and scripting skills
Exposure to cloud computing and automation skills
Certifications in scripting, containers and troubleshooting
Excellent communication and collaboration skills
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Related roles

Use the DevOps software development skill test to hire for these roles:
DevOps Release Manager
DevOps Lead
DevOps Automation Expert
DevOps Testing Professional
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Glider AI skill intelligence platform DevOps Software Development

Science-backed questions for hundreds of roles

Use these sample questions to evaluate skill and fit for the DevOps software developer role before hiring.

1. Acceptance testing is performed______
  • Based on the customer’s request 
  • After the system is ready 
  • At the end of every iteration 
  • Everyday 
  • None of these 
2. ______ refers to the pay-as-you-go usage model
  • Accounting management 
  • Compliance 
  • Data privacy 
  • All of these 
  • None of these 
3. ______ protocols are used as the messaging format
  • XML 
  • JSON 
  • BSON 
  • All of these 
  • None of these 
4. ______ is not a maven goal
  • Clean 
  • Debug 
  • Install 
  • Package 
  • All of these 
5. ______ is not a true feature of Ant
  • Toolbox 
  • Lifecycle management 
  • Procedure 
  • Formal conventions 
  • None of these 

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