DevOps Lead Skill Test

Skill summary

The DevOps lead skill test plays a critical role in assessing the range of skills to build a DevOps-friendly infrastructure. As professionals, they eliminate the silos between developers and operations. Having said that, they must be the best in sysadmin, and programming. 

They play a critical role in overseeing the development, deployment, and operations of software applications through collaboration between development and IT operations teams.


Multiple Choice Questions


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Why we created this test

DevOps lead is responsible for ensuring that the development and deployment of software are seamless and automated to deliver high-quality software products to customers.

The DevOps lead skill test assesses competency in areas such as software development, IT operations, automation tools, and optimizing the development and deployment process.

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DevOps Lead Glider AI skill intelligence platform
Glider AI skill intelligence platform DevOps Lead

Skills evaluated

DevOps leads need to have certain competencies to do their job well. The skills that they should have are:
Prior experience in Linux, Jenkins, Git, Jira, JavaScript and other tools
Extensive knowledge of cloud-based systems to support DevOps
Rigor in continuous testing and speeding up delivery
Establish measurable KPIs and deliverables
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Related roles

Use the DevOps lead skill test to hire for these roles:
DevOps Automation Expert
DevOps Testing Professional
DevOps Release Manager
Software Developer
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Glider AI skill intelligence platform DevOps Lead

Science-backed questions for hundreds of roles

Use these sample questions to evaluate skill and fit for the DevOps lead role before hiring.

1. Selenium testing is widely used for______
  • Compliance testing 
  • Regression testing 
  • Reliable testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • None of these 
2. ______ is not related to work governance in an enterprise
  • Scrum board 
  • Test Automation 
  • Feature Switches 
  • Scrum of Scrums 
  • All of these 
3. ______ is the intricate feature of a DevOps team
  • Employee first 
  • Honor web-inspired values 
  • Trivial Bureaucracy 
  • Self-supervision 
  • All of these 
4. AWS in DevOps helps in______
  • Flexible services 
  • Automation 
  • Security 
  • Larger partner ecosystem 
  • All of these 
5. One of the crucial DevOps KPIs is to meaure _____
  • Meantime to failure recovery 
  • Deployment frequency 
  • Percentage of failed deployments 
  • All of these 
  • None of these 

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