AI skill test to assess the ability of your next AI / Artificial Intelligence candidate

AI skill test summary

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) skill test evaluates the candidate's ability to design and develop AI functionality into software applications.


Multiple Choice Questions


10 min






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What AI professionals do

AI developers are assessed in areas that require them to develop algorithms, machine learning models, and neural networks that can learn from data and improve over time. They require a broad range of technical skills, including programming, machine learning, NLP, deep learning, big data, cloud computing, and mathematics.

Candidates who do well on the AI development skill test have solid expertise and experience in Python, Java, and C++, machine learning concepts and algorithms, NLP concepts like sentiment analysis, and deep learning for building neural networks with multiple layers.

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Skills evaluated

AI developers need to have certain competencies to do their job well. The skills that they should have are:
Strong hold on statistical modeling like exploratory data analysis
Knowledge of cloud computing and deployment
Adaptability as per different industry needs
Solid expertise in AWS Machine Learning
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Related roles

Use the AI developer skill test to hire for these roles:
Software Developer
Data Scientist
Network Engineer
Senior Data Scientist
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Science-backed questions for hundreds of roles

Use these sample questions to evaluate skill and fit for the AI developer role before hiring.

1. _____ is a component of AI
  • Learning 
  • Training 
  • Designing 
  • Puzzling 
  • None of these 
2. ______ is not an AI agent type
  • Learning AI agent 
  • Goal-based AI agent 
  • Simple reflex AI agent 
  • Unity-based AI agent 
  • All of these 
3.  There are ______ number of proposition symbols in AI
  • 3 
  • 2 
  • 1 
  • More than 3 
  • 0 
4. Facial recognition is a _____ type of approach
  • Weak AI 
  • Applied AI 
  • Cognitive AI 
  • Strong AI 
  • None of these 
5. ______ is a strategic environment
  • Rational 
  • Deterministic 
  • Partial 
  • Stochastic 
  • None of these 

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