Interactive Assessments for every role in any industry

Glider Interactive Assessments help you validate candidate competency from complicated coding tasks to sales communication skills; you get the confidence they can do the job on day-1. 

Hundreds of customizable question types 

Gauge candidate skill levels, personality traits, and overall competency, with hundreds of pre-built and customizable question types. 

Beyond the customization, candidate evaluations can be done live, over video, or pre-recorded, giving you and the talent ultimate flexibility in a virtual-first world. 

Back by AI proctoring, you get the added insurance the candidate who takes the test is the candidate who takes the job. 

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With over 150 programming languages 

No one can beat Glider when it comes to the evaluation of total talent quality! 

Assess candidate programming skills with access to over 150+ languages to gauge the depth and breadth of technical expertise. 

Glider then automatically helps you evaluate and compare candidate results with a global talent pool, so you know who is the best person for the job, guaranteed. 

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All simulated in a real-world work environment 

Years of experience and credentials are not always the best parameters to measure a candidate's skill or fit for your open jobs. 

Ditch the resume and get down to business; Glider AI can replicate and simulate your work environment to see how they would perform the job on day-1. 

Glider even allows candidates to customize their work environment, allowing them to focus on the task at hand and not on the nerves that come with interviews. 

And, if you want to make the test interactive, Glider can do that too! Embedded videos allow you to communicate with the candidate in real-time to assess collaboration and communication skills.

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