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Win The Seasonal Hiring Game With Recruitment Automation

Holidays or the festive seasons are the number one reason for new beginnings in life, either personal or professional. The excitement of holidays and celebrations brings a breath of fresh air in our lives. While holidays mean a relaxing and joyous vacation for everyone else, for recruiters, the seasonal hiring just begins. Also called holiday […]

Ultimate Guide To Holiday Hiring

Talent acquisition is one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. Come rain or shine, hiring is always on the timeline for business enterprises. Do you know, staffing recruiters consider holidays as a great time for hiring? Holiday hiring or seasonal hiring, as they are commonly called is a win-win situation for both employers and employees. […]

Do Seasonal Hiring Right With AI Based Recruitment Tool

The job market is indeed is vibrant during holidays. In last year 2021, US Seasonal job postings crossed 1.3 Million, a 11% increase compared to 2020. But, ever wondered how do companies hire the right talent in the holiday seasons? The answer lies in AI. As irresistible as it is, AI based recruitment tools can come […]