Cloud Networking Skill Test

Skill summary

As IT professional who designs, implements, and manages cloud-based network infrastructure, cloud network engineers ensure that the network infrastructure is optimized for performance, security, and scalability.

Cloud network engineers work on cloud computing platforms and services in addition to networking protocols and technologies.


Multiple Choice Questions


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Why we created this test

The cloud networking skill test evaluates your skills and knowledge in cloud computing and network infrastructure, containerization technologies, network monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Candidates who excel in the test will have solid expertise in basic and advanced skills such as design and deployment of cloud-based network monitoring, and programming languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

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Cloud Networking Glider AI skill intelligence platform
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Cloud Networking

Skills evaluated

Cloud network engineers need to have certain competencies to do their job well. The skills that they should have are:
Commendable knowledge of programming languages like ASP.NET, SQL, Python, Golang, and PHP
Strong hands-on experience with Linux OS for various software and package installation
Understanding of APIs, XML, SOAP, and other open standards
Familiar with DevOps, Containerization, and Virtualization
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Cloud Networking Glider AI skill intelligence platform

Science-backed questions for hundreds of roles

Use these sample questions to evaluate skill and fit for the cloud network engineer role before hiring.

1. ______ command is used to set the default zone for compute engine server
  • gcloud config set compute/zone us-east-1
  • gcloud defaults set compute/zone us-east-1 
  • gcloud config set compute/zone us-east1-a 
  • gcloud config configurations set compute/zone us-east-1a 
  • None of these 
2. ______ is managed by GCP and also provides granular access to specific services
  • Admin 
  • Custom 
  • Predefined 
  • Primitive 
  • None of these 
3. CIDR correlates to ______
  • – 
  • – 
  • I – 
  • – 
  • None of these 
4. ______ provides limited storage to the user
  • Paas – platform as a service 
  • Iaas - infrastructure as a service 
  • Saas – software as a service 
  • Both Paas and Iaas 
  • None of these 


5. ______ is the main concern in a cloud computing environment
  • Cost 
  • Platforms 
  • Security 
  • Space 
  • None of these 

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