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Work with MSP Programs

Glider is used by leading MSP’s to power their hiring programs to improve candidate quality. Using Glider, MSP’s open
positions along with assessments to be used for them and share them with agencies. Sign up for Glider to get access to these positions, invite
candidates to these assessments and send shortlisted ones to MSP’s.

Boost your Placement Rate

Find the best candidates and quickly verify their skills with Glider’s AI-powered matching and screening.
Evaluate candidates in all kinds of environments with real-world tasks — from 40+ programming languages to data science tasks.
Detailed skill reports make your candidates stand out from the crowd, leading to more placements and more business for your firm.

The right candidate at your fingertips

Pre-screening, AI-powered stack ranking and easy outreach gives you a jump on competitors.
You often have a very short time to present candidates, and sometimes only a limited number. Let Glider’s AI-powered
matching engine stack rank your candidates so you can focus on the most qualified for the placement. Then use our candidate communication
tools for quick and easy contact follow-up.

Automate manual tasks and improve productivity

Don’t waste time manually screening resumes, contacting candidates and interviewing unqualified candidates.
Reading resumes, screening potential candidates and doing technical interviews take hours of your team’s time when
they could be working for clients. Glider automates many manual tasks and puts the power to effectively screen technical candidates into
the recruiters hands with auto-scored, real-world coding tasks. So you know which candidates to focus your time on.

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