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Webinar ON DEMAND with Fortrea

Hiring Under Pressure: Talent Quality Amidst High Demand, High Volume, and Highly Specialized Roles.

Talent Acquisition leader Ali Ghiassi of Fortrea, a life sciences Fortune 1,000, shares insights on enterprise hiring needs in 2024 and what he looks for in a staffing and recruiting partner.

Glider AI Webinar With Fortrea

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Glider AI and Fortrea Webinar with Ali Ghiassi
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Topics Discussed

Topic 1

Hiring trends and challenges, like what roles are in the highest demand and hardest to fill

Topic 2

Balancing skill validation, fit for role, diversity goals, and an efficient recruiting process

Topic 3

What in-house TA teams are looking for with their staffing partners

Meet the webinar hosts: TA leader Ali Ghiassi of Fortrea, and Joseph Cole, VP Marketing at Glider AI

Glider AI webinar with Fortrea-Ali Ghiassi
Ali Ghiassi leads TA and People Experience (PX) at Fortrea, overseeing global recruiting for Sales, Marketing, Legal, IT, Finance, and HR.
Glider AI webinar with Fortrea-Joseph Cole
Joseph Cole leads marketing and research at Glider AI covering news, trends, and challenges facing TA, HR, and Staffing.
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