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AI in the Recruiting Tech Stack, the Good and the Bad

AI may seem like the silver bullet to reduced recruiting costs and improved ROI, but what are the risks? Join our session to find out what your peers think.

AI and Recruiting Webinar Glider AI skill intelligence platform
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Join us with TA leaders from:

With so many unknowns, where do you begin? Register for insights from TA and staffing leaders, learn:

Where AI falls short like potential model bias, content without context, and excessive automation

What AI does well like personalization, skills-based hiring, and finding hidden gems

Mitigating risks and measuring success

Plus our favorite ChatGPT prompts

Hariharan Kolam

Hariharan Kolami Glider AI skill intelligence platform Findem AI Amplitude Webinar
Hariharan is the CEO and co-founder of Findem. He's an AI expert, serial entrepreneur, and accomplished technologist with decades of experience building companies and creating trailblazing technology solutions—previous co-founder and CTO of Instart.

Phil Haynes

Glider AI skill intelligence platform and Recruiting in the HR Tech Stack Webinar Phil Haynes Amplitude
Phil builds, inspires, and engages high-performing teams in fast-paced, high-pressure, and ambiguous environments. 
He led talent teams at Nubank, Zoom, Talend, NetSuite, and now Amplitude.

Satish Kumar

Glider AI skill intelligence platform Satish Kumar Findem AI Amplitude Webinar
Satish is the CEO and co-founder of Glider AI and a recognized thought leader in the staffing and recruiting industry.  Through Glider AI, Satish has designed recruiting programs for hundreds of enterprises and staffing firms.