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Whitepaper 3.0

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All about last year – Whitepaper 2.0

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Whitepaper Competition 3.0 Overview

Ready to experience how it would be like to work with us?

The PwC ACs in India Whitepaper Competition was designed with the motive to help B-school students deep dive into how it’s like being a consultant at PwC by developing Intellectual Capital on trending industry topics.

It is a novel opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in the world of consulting where they will work hand-in-hand with mentor teams from PwC over a period of 2 months and develop top whitepapers on hot industry trends (based on interest) such as AI and it’s applications, 5G, Automation, Cloud Transformation and a lot more!

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Who Can Participate? | Participation & Tips

Build your Dream Team

  • We have floated a Google form via your pcoms, you can register in teams of two
  • Teams can include both 1st and 2nd year students from MBA / PGP from the same campus

Tips for Whitepaper Competition 3.0

  • Make sure you choose a topic that lies in your area of interest
  • Once you are selected post abstract submission, make sure you are proactive - set regular cadence with your mentors and keep a tab on progress / revisions / way forward
  • Make sure to use trustworthy resources for any secondary research that you do and provide references
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  • Students from across select 16 Business Schools are invited to form a team of 2 and submit their abstracts on (upto) 2 topics of their interests.
  • The submissions will be evaluated by topic owners (PwC teams) who’ll shortlist one team that they’ll work with through the competition to develop and deliver whitepapers.
  • This year we have 23 topics, hence, a total of 23 teams would be selected across 16 B-Schools to develop whitepapers in collaboration with respective topic owners.
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Round 2

  • The 23 teams selected will develop whitepapers with respective mentors over a period of 2 months.
  • These papers will then be submitted to the PwC Engage team and will be handed over to PwC Leadership (experts in respective domains) to evaluate and bottom down to our top 6 teams who’ll be adjudged as the Round 3 Qualifying teams!
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Congratulations if you have made it to Round 3, you’ve proven your mettle!

  • The top 6 student teams will be required to convert their whitepapers into a Presentation which will be presented Live to PwC’s expert panel of judges.
  • Based on the presentation and Q&A, Top 3 teams will be crowned as the National Winners of Whitepaper Competition 3.0 (exciting cash prizes up for grabs for student participants)!
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Whitepaper 3.0 Roadmap

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What’s in it for you?

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Contact Us

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at
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