Sales Manager Interview Questions

Get a snapshot of what to look for in the candidates aspiring for the Sales Manager profile with this comprehensive assortment of interview questions.

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Sales Manager Interview Questions

Conducting interviews is a tough process, especially when you’re hiring a Sales Manager for your company. These ideal Sales Manager interview questions can help you find the candidate who will be the best fit for your company.

As you know not all candidates are cut out for managerial roles. Therefore, you need to find out those key qualities that make an effective Sales Manager. Look for process-driven, metrics-driven, organized, and relentless aspirants. Although they are not entirely accountable for the growth of your enterprise, they must have a big picture perspective.

The candidates should have excelled as a Sales Representatives to be a successful Sales Manager. They must possess several aspects of goal-setting and also the ability of training, motivating, and monitoring the sales team.

Qualifications to look for:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree in Business, Management or related field will be a plus

Skills to look for:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Delegation Skills
  • Strategic Planning Capabilities
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer-service skills

Find out whether the candidates have the hands-on, practical experience to thrive as a Sales Manager with these interview questions.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How will you describe your product? Can you explain its benefits?
  • Tell me about your customers.
  • Why do you think customers will buy your product? Are there any alternatives?
  • What do you know about your customer’s’ buying decision process?
  • Do you know who is responsible for approving or blocking the buying decision?
  • When you need to line up to close the sale, what will you do?
  • Tell me if you can recall a time when you mentored a colleague. Where did they start and where are they now?
  • Do you remember an incident when you resolved a conflict between two team members?
  • According to you at which point a Sales Representative needs to stop pursuing a customer?
  • How will you handle an underperforming sales rep?
  • Have you ever changed a process to get better efficiency, lower costs, or increase revenue?
  • Describe the sales process at your previous company. What worked well and what didn’t?
  • How many years of experience do you have in the field of writing training manuals or other reference documents for sales teams?
  • Do you have any experience in forecasting or developing quotas?