Assessor Interview Questions

The Assessor interview questions given in this template will help you in hiring the most suitable candidate for this job.

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What is the role of an Assessor?

Assessors are commonly known as Real Estate Appraisers. They are mainly responsible for estimating the value of land or real estate property before it is leased, sold, taxed, insured, or mortgaged. The role of Assessors is extremely significant in real estate transactions hence this job requires strict qualification for the candidates.
Generally, Assessors must possess a state-certified license or other related certifications to practice their profession in many countries of the world. So before inviting your candidates for the interview, make sure to call only the licensed ones. Candidates must be familiar with the modern estimating techniques as well as the commercial real estate software used for this purpose such as LoopNet and ARGUS. Most importantly, the candidates must have a sound knowledge of current tax regulations and real estate legislation. Moreover, the candidates must have some basic know-how about the construction and building industry.
Assessors have to draft reports and proposals on property appraisals hence they must also have exceptional written communications skills. They also have to make frequent site visits, so prefer those candidates who are comfortable with these trips. To test the candidates for the above-mentioned qualities, we have put together the following Assessor interview questions.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How do you estimate the value of past renovation work and improvements made to old buildings?
  • Describe the process of estimating the worth of a ten-floor building?
  • How do you approve or reject a tax deduction request?
  • Suppose you have to estimate the value of several properties within a tight deadline, located in opposite parts of the city. How would you do that ensuring accuracy?
  • Suppose you have made a mistake in the estimate and no one can find about it. What would you do?

Role-specific questions

  • Which real estate software do you use while assessing the value of a property?
  • Describe how do the demographics of a certain neighborhood affect the value of properties in it?
  • What is your procedure to respond to the property tax appeals filed by the residents?
  • Which commercial properties have you assessed in past?
  • What are the exemptions in property tax that are granted to veterans?
  • What are the latest methods for determining the value of properties?
  • How do you ensure the accuracy of your assessments? Do you double check your estimates?

Behavioral questions

  • How do you collaborate with construction workers and mortgage lenders?
  • How do you keep yourself aware of the latest updates and changes in tax legislation and industry regulations?
  • Describe your experience of working with demanding property owners. Also, describe how did you satisfy them?
  • Describe your experience with one of your toughest assessments in past. Also, describe how did you make it successful?
  • Has your experience in inspection and assessing ever helped you in the identification of structural issues or major faults in a building?