Guided Phone Screening

Improve your Interview to Hire Ratios with Skill-Based Guided Phone Screening

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Conduct Guided Phone Screening For All Roles

Give Superpowers To Recruiters

Glider Phone Screen guides recruiters step by step through asking technical questions and capturing candidate responses, empowering them to conduct deep technical interviews with confidence. 

Candidate Skill Reports are Auto-Generated based on this Interview, ready to be sent to Hiring Managers.

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Spend Time Only with Qualified Candidates

Recruiters often lose a lot of time scheduling follow-on calls or interviews with unqualified candidates, creating the dreaded “Interview Tax” for Hiring managers. 

Instead, Glider Phone Screen filters out unqualified candidates right at the beginning and sends only quality talent to Hiring managers, dramatically improving your placement rates.

While Making Every Recruiter a Technical Recruiter

Increasing efficiency even more, Glider Phone Screen enables recruiters to ask highly technical questions while recording responses with just a few clicks—and no typing. 

As recruiters go through this process, they essentially get on the job training on how to conduct technical interviews. This also helps standardize interactions with candidates while improving their experience.

And Tracking Their Success

Glider Phone Screen also lets you know exactly how each recruiter interacts with candidates, helping you ensure and improve quality continuously. 

As recruiters become more skilled, you’ll know which ones are your top producers because you can track their Candidate Placement rate and their impact on Revenue. 

Glider Active Screening lets you take control of your screening process and provides you with the insights you need to optimize and improve it.

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Technologies Covered

  • PHP Laravel
  • PHP Symfony
  • Zend PHP
  • PHP Magento
  • Angular2
  • Cobol
  • RubyOnRails
  • J2EE
  • CICS
  • JCL

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