Better interviews, better hires. Interview candidates in any format: 1:1, collaborative, live or pre-recorded.

Interview qualified candidates in 3, 2, 1:

After screening and assessing competency + fit, interviews become easy and fun.

Step 1

Select interview type: live, collaborative, or pre-recorded.

Step 2

Choose a template and related tasks whether technical or functional.
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Step 3

Evaluate candidate skills and build a pipeline of qualified talent.
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Interview both soft and hard skills for tech and non-tech roles. 

Glider AI Interviews
Glider AI Interviews
coding interview

Live Coding Interviews

Meet in an interactive coding environment

  • Simulate real-world coding tasks, and review code in real-time.
  • Collaborate and invite colleagues to understand work styles and fit.
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pre recorded interview

Pre-recorded Interviews

Pre-recorded means maximum flexibility:

  • Candidates submit answers via any format you request.
  • You review responses when it’s most convenient.
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video interview

Video Interviews

Meet 1:1, or meet as a panel:

  • Test soft skills
  • Whiteboard problems
  • Collaborate on solutions
  • Role-play scenarios
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More features to create the ultimate interview experience. 

task library
Questions Library

Test and validate skills while you interview:

  • Hundreds of programming languages
  • Tech and non tech questions repository
  • Custom task creation
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video resume
Fast Outreach
Edit interview format, structure, length, tasks, and more. Candidates can also customize coding environments to focus on the interview task.
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Intent  Ranking

Automate interview feedback, with:

  • Interview recordings
  • Skill ratings & Short listing
  • Multi party feedback
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DE&I Filters
DE&I Filters
DE&I filters ensure questions are fair, personal information is masked and anything with bias potential is removed.
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Interview Standardization
Standardize interview format from questions asked, responses collected, timing allowed, to keep interviews fair.
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Interview Scheduling
Candidate Verification
Tracks candidates through the entire interview to hire process, ensures who you interview is who you hire. 
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interview replay
Interview Replays
Auto recording allows you to focus on the candidate, use replays to share with stakeholders, collect feedback, or look back on something you missed. 
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Interview Scheduling
Auto Evaluation
By using pre-built questions from our question bank, Glider automatically evaluates candidate competency saving you the legwork of going through multiple rounds of interviews.
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