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Who's winning the race for top talent and why?

The industry's first report on Talent Quality. Insights from 200+ hiring executives and 8,000 data points. 
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Leaders are 2.8x more confident in their hiring decisions! 

Who's a leader and why are they winning?

Leaders embrace talent quality (TQ), outperforming followers on every measured business outcome from ROI and cost to talent acquisition metrics such as fill rates and hiring cycle time.
Glider AI Procure Con 2.8x confidence level
Glider AI Procure Con what leaders are doing different.

What are they doing differently?

Leaders are adopting AI-powered candidate evaluation technology  and it's is expected to grow by 1.7x in the next two years. 

Yet, not all assessments are equal and impractical in highly competitive hiring. Assessments must leverage:

- A candidate first experience
- True AI-proctoring technology
- DE&I capabilities

Unlock the insights and best practices for  hiring top talent 

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Glider AI Talent Quality Report