Multi-Device Proctoring to Ensure Hiring Integrity

Gain complete confidence in all your hiring decisions for tech and non-tech roles across desktop and mobile.  

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Prevent Fraud 
Before it Starts 

Whether it's personal or professional, the smartphone dominates our lives. Multi-Device Proctoring blocks a candidate's mobile device use when taking a Glider assessment. Of course, receiving or making emergency calls are enabled.  

How Multi-Device Proctoring Works: 

Hiring teams select assessment and invite candidates  
Upon accepting the invite, the candidate scans the QR code and enters a unique 4-digit code 
Upon verification and authentication, the candidate starts the assessment, and Multi-Device Proctoring is enabled 

Eliminate Variables That Can Cause Cheating 

The stress of landing a dream job can tempt even the best of us to partake in questionable activities. Multi-Device Proctoring removes the variables through disabling of:  
Internet browsing to prevent searches for answers 
SMS to stop sharing of texts or pictures to solicit answers 
Phone calls to eliminate help through conversation 

Transparent Communication and Fair Warnings 

Before starting any assessment, Glider AI establishes expectations of what's acceptable and what is not.  

Questionable actions trigger warning messages so the candidate can reassess what they are doing.  

Candidates can explain anything called into question, building trust and provides hiring teams with data to make the right call, to move ahead, or not. 

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