Hit the ground running with our ready-to-use assessment library

Pick and Choose

Glider gives you instant access to a large bank of completely free assessments tailored for every role. Additional premium assessments are also available under a paid plan.

Powerful Search & Filters

Want to test in a very specific area? Find questions in that area by searching for a question by keyword and adding it to your assessment.

Build assessments from scratch

Not only can you search and pick specific assessments aligned to your needs but also create your own assessment from scratch by choosing questions from our extensive library.

Create or Mix & Match

You can remix an existing assessment, add a few new ones, remove some to match your specific needs. You can even start with an existing question in an assessment and edit or enhance it to cater to your specific needs.

Preview Candidate Experience

Pick an assessment, view and try it out as a candidate would to assess for yourself the difficulty level, the duration and the questions that appear.